Nov 10, 2015

Hangover Cures: Top 10 Best Hangover Cures You Need to Know

If you’ve attended at least one party in college, then you’ve probably felt the aftereffects of drinking all night long....

Sep 21, 2015

The 8 Best Bars at Rutgers University

Before you can, I’ll get it out of the way, and make fun of Rutgers University: our football program is...

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Jul 1, 2015

Science Says Food Tastes Better When You’re Drunk, But You Already Knew That

What tastes better than a greasy cheeseburger after a night of drinking? A greasy cheeseburger, an entire pizza, and more...

Jun 30, 2015

America is Crawling With Lushes, Are You In One of the Drunkest States?

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, you’re probably planning your weekend festivities. If heading to the beach,...

Nov 12, 2013

Rejoice! Scientists Creating A Booze That Will Get You Drunk But Not Hungover

There is…a God? Mankind has been feasting on booze since the beginning of time but has never been able to...

Oct 21, 2013

Get A Pumpkin Tap And Be Declared The Winner Of The Fall

Pumpkin. Beer. Tap. There isn’t really anything else to say other than shut up and take my money. Just imagine...

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Great Breaking News: Study Shows Alcohol Does Not Make You Depressed

Drink up! In the end when you feel sad just realize it’s just you’re crappy life that gets you down,...

Sep 20, 2013

High ABV Beers to Get You Through the First Week of School

We've compiled a list of beers with some of the highest alcohol by volume, so you can start the semester off right.

Aug 27, 2013

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Aug 26, 2013

Turn Fruit Juice Into Booze In 48 Hours With New Magical Powder

Ever wanted to play Jesus? Because you can turn water (sort of) into wine (sort of) in just two days...

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Aug 20, 2013

The Average Drinker Suffer 8-12 Hangovers A Year And Other Useless Facts [TRIVIA TUESDAY]

Trivia nights and Quizzo have become a staple during weeknights here in America. We here at COED are all thirst...

Aug 3, 2013

Saturday Cocktail: Caliche Rum Cali Sparks

This week's cocktail comes to us from Caliche Rum, dedicated to sloshing you for years.

Jul 25, 2013

What’s on Tap This Weekend: You Gonna Learn Today About Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

We might not have Hover Boards or flying cars, but we have cans that don’t make beer taste like aluminum – fair trade in my mind.

Jul 24, 2013

It’s National Tequila Day! You Should Have a Margarita

Pour some Avión in your cup and feel the buzz.

Jul 24, 2013

Girls Gone Too Wild Wednesday: July 24th [30 PHOTOS]

It's our favorite time of week once again.

Jul 17, 2013

A Guys’ Guide to All-Day Summer Drinking

We’re going to show you how to binge-drink responsibly all the livelong, summer day.

Jun 22, 2013

Saturday Cocktail: Ole Smoky’s Full Moon

This is moonshine for people who don’t want mountain redneck moonshine that makes you go blind....

Jun 15, 2013

Saturday Cocktail: Russian Standard Fresh Prince

These are the legs of the Russian Standard girls. Their owners want you to try this cocktail.

Apr 19, 2013

Science Found a Way to Limit Brain Damage Caused By Alcohol, Unfortunately It Involves Physical Movement

Sure drinking is fun and feels harmless if you’re safe about it when you’re young. However, deep down you know...

Mar 17, 2013

Vodka Lollipops For St. Patrick’s Day. Or May Day. Or Any Day. [VIDEO]

In honor of the Irish celebration of St. Patrick’s Day today, here’s a British dude teaching you how to make...

Feb 26, 2013

Joe DeRosa’s Never Believe… In Not Drinking

Guest blogger Joe DeRosa is a touring comedian, creator/writer/director of numerous web series, and co-author of the book CHEAT: A...

Feb 21, 2013

What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

When you belly up to the bar and ask for a pour of your favorite libation, you’re not just telling...

Feb 17, 2013

Drink Up: Today’s The 80th Anniversary Of The End Of Prohibition [PHOTOS]

80 years ago today, the U.S. ended one of its lamest policies of all time....

Feb 1, 2013

Drinking It At Work: Budweiser Black Crown

It’s Friday afternoon of Super Bowl weekend. Might as well get things started early and crack open a beer. Just...

Jan 6, 2013

Beer Festival Of The Month [VIDEO]

You’ve got about five days to get your ass to Vail, Colorado....

Dec 17, 2012

9 Days Of Christmas Drinking Games

Only 9 days left until we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the way he would’ve always wanted: a fat...

Dec 14, 2012

Drinking It At Work: Water

COED had our holiday party last night. Needless to say I’ve been a bit hungover today. Sorry if you’ve been...

Dec 13, 2012

The 12 Shots Of Christmas

Since Christmas is all about getting stuff and going to parties, what better way to show everyone how awesome you...

Dec 12, 2012

The 10 Best Songs About Whiskey Of All Time

You don’t have to be a jilted country picker crying in his Jim Beam or a tattooed bad-boy rocker swigging...

Dec 11, 2012

You’re Not Fat Because You Eat Too Much, You’re Fat Because You’re An Alcoholic

A recent report by the National Center for Health Statistics shows that of Americans who drink once a day, alcohol...

Dec 7, 2012

Drinking It At Work: Samuel Adams Winter Lager

December 21st, 2012: a number of people have predicted that this date may be the end of the world. If...

Dec 7, 2012

Dreidel Drinking Games To Give You A Hanukkah Hangover

In Jewish culture, the dreidel — one of the primary symbols of Hanukkah — is used for one of the...

Nov 30, 2012

Drinking It At Work: Sierra Nevada 2012 Celebration Fresh Hop Ale

India Pale Ale — it’s a style that’s almost synonymous with the second coming of American craft beer and (as...

Nov 9, 2012

When You’re 80-Years-Old You Might As Well Do Some Kegstands [VIDEO]

Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you...

Nov 7, 2012

Quidditch Beer Pong: Beer Pong For The Kid In All Of Us

I don’t know sh*t about Harry Potter. But I know a hell of a lot about drinking. (Those two facts...

Nov 2, 2012

Drinking It At Work: Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin

Halloween may have passed, but pumpkin beers aren’t just great for one day a year; they’re perfect for any cold...

Oct 26, 2012

Drinking It At Work: Green Flash West Coast IPA

Alright, I’m lying. I am not drinking a Green Flash West Coast IPA at work. I went across the street....

Oct 19, 2012

Drinking It At Work: Southern Tier Pumking

“Pumpkin beer” is one of the hardest styles to nail down. It covers a huge range from lightly spiced ales...

Oct 16, 2012

Man Finds Car Two Years After Losing It During A Night Of Drinking

Dude, Where's My Car? isn't just the title of a hilarious movie; for some, it's a lifestyle. At least that according to this Reuters report about a man in Germany whose car finally turned up two years after he reported it missing because he was so drunk he forgot where he left it. The car was eventually discovered a mere 2.5 miles from where the man thought it was, which will probably...

Oct 3, 2012

Maybe Your Beer Pong Game Has Been Struggling Because You Don’t Have Proper Beer Pong Footwear

What I actually need is special pair of beer pong short with additional padding on the ass, since that's where I what I fall on after playing too many games. Supposedly they come out October 13th. That ain't April Fools' Day so start saving your money...

Oct 3, 2012

16 Videos Of Brides Doing Keg Stands At Their Weddings

Thankfully, wedding season is coming to an end. Two more to go and then I have no “save the dates”...

Sep 27, 2012

If You Can’t Open A Beer With Your Teeth And Then Chug It In One Gulp What Are You Even Doing With Your Life? [VIDEO]

Now, try to overlook the fact that this guy is doing this to a can of Michelob Golden Draft Light if you can... This is an impressive feat. And I'm not saying other people can't do this or haven't done this, but the ease... the confidence with which he performs (yes, this is a performance) on camera is amazing. He takes what is basically a parlor trick and elevates it to pure drinking art...

Aug 31, 2012

These Wild Roses Will Have You Howling Like A Wolf [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

Summer is almost gone, but our bottles of boozer are still full, so let’s party! This week on “Drinks of...

Aug 30, 2012

20 Things You Should Only Do Once In A Blue Moon [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, there’s going to be a blue moon on the night of Friday,...

Aug 9, 2012

Brown Cow, Sticki Palmer, Cherry Bomb [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

Let’s get one thing straight—we don’t test and review hundreds of brands of liquor each year because we like it,...

Aug 2, 2012

Irish Punch, Rocky Top, Très Amigos [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

We’d love to take the easy way out and tell you that all tequilas are the same, or that every...

Jul 26, 2012

Jamming Apples, Chillax, Arctic Summer [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

Welcome to the 94th consecutive installment of COED’s “Drinks of the Week.” Now let’s party!! We’ll bring the gin, whiskey...

Jul 19, 2012

Brazier, Nobelita, Bloody Hot Shot [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

If you’re a fan of vodka, rum, or tequila–today is your luck day! This week’s installment of “Drinks of the...

Jul 11, 2012

Should You Stop Going On Dates Once You Start “Dating”? [HE SAID/SHE SAID]

It’s a problem that every dude faces once they actually start “dating” a chick: the end of actual dates. Actually,...

Jul 5, 2012

The Easy Eddy, PB&J Pudding Shots, Cali Grapefruit Cocktail [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

Summer is in full effect, and with temperatures topping 90 degrees across the nation, there’s no better way to beat...

Jun 29, 2012

Cherry Squeeze, Kentucky Kick, Dragon Bite [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

You should celebrate today because this marks the 90th consecutive week that COED Magazine has brought you “Drinks of the...

Jun 22, 2012

Whale Tail, Rock Out, Kick Start [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

If you like your vodka from Russia, Bourbon from Kentucky, and Whisky from Canada not only are you most defiantly ...

Jun 19, 2012

Georgia Salpa Needs To Adjust Herself, So Do We [33 PHOTOS]

Georgia Salpa, the Irish glamour model who can’t seem to keep her top on in the likes of Zoo, Nuts,...

Jun 8, 2012

After-Shave, Wild Russian, Apple Bottom Dreams [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

Purchasing booze without having proper knowledge of the flavor profile, distillation methods and overall quality of a particular brand is...

May 27, 2012

Put The “Sun” Back Into Sunday Funday[14 PHOTOS]

I know that sometimes it can be hard to get the crew together to Sunday Funday (yes, it can be...

May 26, 2012

Drink Some Uncle Sammy Adams This Saturday Fraturday [14 PHOTOS]

Freedom and Fraternities: two of the greatest things that America can offer the world. COED helps to celebrate the day...

May 20, 2012

Get Locked And Loaded This Sunday Funday [14 PHOTOS]

I know that sometimes it can be hard to get the crew together to Sunday Funday (yes, it can be...