Nov 5, 2012

While You Spent Your Weekend Sleeping, Everyone Else Watched This Kung Fu Baby Video [VIDEO]

Two million views. That’s how many times this “Dragon Baby” video has been watched since it was posted on Friday....

Dec 30, 2011

The Top 5 Strangest Animal Sex Toys

It's true, we're no strangers to really disturbing sex toys. These animal sex toys really take the cake, though. While we applaud their makers for deterring actual goat-f*cking, they're not helping to set a good standard. One company in particular, (I feel bad giving them unintentional press so I'm withholding their name here), makes dragon dildos. It makes sense though, how else were people supposed to get their freak on with dragons? If you're still not scared to check out what other toys those zany zoophiles are using, we've got the five strangest animal sex toys after the jump!

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