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Jun 14, 2011

Wrap It Up: Sean Bean Gets Stabbed, Keeps Drinking Edition

Welcome to COED's new end end-of-the-day daily feature, in which we highlight the most interesting articles, posts, pics, or vids that you might've missed on the internet. Today's edition includes Mark Cuban peeing with a trophy, Game of Thrones star getting stabbed then drinking, a Chinese Iron Man, Rebecca Black robbing people, Jennifer Aniston home-wrecking, Taylor Momsen sans pants, Leann Rimes' sex tape, Diablo Cody's influence on strippers and much more. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump.

Jan 5, 2011

57 Whipped Cream Bikinis for National Whipped Cream Day [Photos]

Today's National Whipped Cream Day! While those without fake IDs previously used whipped cream to do whippets, nowadays you could probably stockpile an entire case of Whipped Lightning in your fridge without a hint of retribution from the RA or the 'rents. How do you make Whipped Lightning, one of the greatest inventions ever, even better? Simple, use it to make a bikini on your friend with benefits! Ali Larter made the edible outfit famous in 1999's Varsity Blues and Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody even sported one back when she was stripping. Then, Katy Perry / Katy Brand sported a whipped cream bra in her video for "California Gurls". To celebrate we took Devo's orders, knocked back some shots of Pinnacle's Whipped Cream Vodka and whipped up this wicked good gallery of cuties in cream bikinis.

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Sep 20, 2008

German Soccer Team Will Trade Nipples for Sponsor

German Women’s Soccer Team Will Trade Nipples for Sponsorship Play Stewart Mandel’s College Football Challenge! Elizabeth Hurley’s Breasts Are Stars...

Feb 27, 2008

Daily Links: Tim & Eric Have a Talk Show, Great Job!

The Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! boys go Late Nite [SuperDeluxe] Ashley Simpson Gets a Tattoo [Just Jared]...

Jan 10, 2008

Megan Fox Wears See-Through Dress

Megan Fox (COED’s favorite gal) was photographed at the premiere of Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles in a dress that...