Destiny Moody

  • Miss COED February 2009 Showdown – Vote Now

    Miss COED February 2009 Showdown – Vote Now

    We here at COED work hard to bring you the hottest girls from around the world every day with our Miss COEDs. But now it's time we find out who’s the hottest of them all! From now on, we will be putting every Miss COED from the past month head-to-head to decide Miss COED of the Month. This time, we're crowing Miss COED February 2009!

  • Miss COED: Destiny Moody

    Miss COED: Destiny Moody

    19 year-old brunette hottie, Destiny 'Dezzy' Moody hails from Hot Springs, Arkansas, which begs the question "what the hell's in the water down there?" This sexy Southerner credits her Momma for her good looks. But don't take her word for it, have a look for yourself.