Jul 11, 2013

Congress Wants to Put a National Park on the Moon. No, Seriously.

Congress has never been the most popular body in American history. They spend all of their time endlessly fighting over...

Jul 2, 2013

Things You Should Be Aware Of: Your Student Loan Rates May Be Doubling Thanks To Congress

Is there anything worse and more hated in America right now than Congress? Maybe pedophiles, murders and Chris Brown. But...

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Dec 30, 2012

Ugliest Politicians Of 2012 [PHOTOS]

Politics can be really ugly, but why do so many politicians have to be ugly too?...

May 11, 2012

Bruce Lee Resolution Entered In House of Representatives; D.C. Becomes Popular Again [VIDEO]

Finally, there’s a Congressional resolution that will bring together the people of America. After all, who wouldn’t want to honor...

Apr 27, 2011

How Rich is Congress? [Infographic]

While our country continues to plummet into a seemingly irreversible and insurmountable deficit, it seems politicians everywhere continue to swim in their pool of gold coins (a la Scrooge McDuck), sh*t on their solid gold toilets (then wipe with Washingtons), and blow their noses on Benjamins. They understand the plight of the middle and lower class? Unlike the stock market, that's a lot of bull. You ever wonder just how rich congress is? Our friends at Online Schools created an infographic that puts it all into perspective. Check it out after the jump!

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Jun 23, 2009

Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Heads to the House

Supporters of legalization and decriminalization of marijuana received a boost from Capitol Hill Tuesday, as Massachusetts Congressman, Barney Frank introduced a bill to the House of Representatives, which, if passed, would decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. The bill would remove federal penalties for personal possession of up to 100 grams of marijuana (roughly 3.5 ounces)...

Market Bailout Leads to Market Crash…Again?

So this is not exactly what they said would happen, and I am confused. Where the hell did the $850B...

Oct 6, 2008

Who has it Worse: US Investment Banker or Somali Pirate?

In this, our global economy, everything is a matter of perspective. At this moment, there are two distinct groups of...

Sep 30, 2008

Bailout Blues

So it looks like the Congress is going to pass the $700 billion bailout, and that means every single American...

Sep 28, 2008

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Jul 4, 2008

The Declaration of Independence

In the light of this July 4th, let’s remember, for a moment, why we celebrate this holiday–a day born of...

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Jun 29, 2008

Sunday Must-Read: “Preparing The Battlefield,” Seymour M. Hersh, New Yorker Magazine

This should make you angry: With Iraq still raging, and bullets still raining in Afghanistan, the Bush Administration, along with...

Mar 14, 2008

The Act of Waterboarding: Everything You (Didn’t) Want to Know

Is it just me or have we all entered some kind of Twilight Zone in which torture and terror are...

Mar 12, 2008

Dr. Jack Kevorkian Running For Congress

This is too good to be true. From The AP: Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian plans to run for Congress,...

Sep 19, 2007

Dubya and Congress Numbers Hit an All-Time Low

The approval rate of President George Bush and Congress has plummeted – again. As of this morning, a Reuters/Zogby poll...