• More Cleveland Browns Tailgating Fun: Underage Drinking Edition

    VERY underage drinking edition. Toddler style. Probably illegal, but everything in Cleveland is so depressing, the l…

  • 911 Call And Interview Of The Century [VIDEO]

    A sad story revolving around kidnapped teenagers turned into a rare, happy ending of rescue in Cleveland last night. As…

  • Cleveland Man Opens Fire On Cops With Assault Rifle During Routine Traffic Stop [DISTURBING VIDEO]

    An officer’s worst nightmare. The man, James Gilkerson, ran a stop sign and his motives for firing on the cops is u…

  • TV

    NBC Ratings So Low, Cleveland Affiliate Airs ‘Matlock’ Instead Of ‘The Office’

    NBC’s primetime programming has been in a harder free-fall than a skydiving expedition with Louie Anderson wea…

  • Browns Fan Dunks Head In Bucket Of Urine, Creates Most Exciting Browns Moment In Recent Memory [VIDEO]

    According to the video description, this Browns fan decided to take up the challenge of dunking his head in a bucket of piss for a mere $450.Shot at a tailgating event for yesterday's Browns/Bengals game, the video description also enlightens us that: "The bucket contained the urine of multiple individuals over a 4 hour period." Which begs the question...

  • The Woman Who Got Jacked Up On Cleveland Bus Speaks Out [VIDEO]

    By now, you’ve probably already seen the uppercut video at least 10 times. Personally, I can’t get enough…

  • Bus Driver Uppercuts Girl Mortal Kombat Style [VIDEO]

    There are very few appropriate times where it's alright for a man to hit a woman, let alone channel a Raiden-styled-uppercut, but god d*mn if this isn't the most exciting thing to come out of Cleveland in a long time. This is one of the few 'vertical videos' that I will suggest watching.

  • The NFL’s Wildest Fans

    Football fans are among the most passionate and inspired sports enthusiasts in the country. From Oakland to Buffalo, throngs of people load up their cars with tailgating equipment, pull out jerseys, paint their faces, hang banners, and travel out to the game on Sunday mornings. Loud, wild, inspired chants, heckling of opposing players, and downright ravenous behavior is all part of the overall package, but the alcohol fueled fever boils over in some cities more than others with an all too common frequency. If you’re wasted enough to tackle an 8-year-old in a parking lot in front of his parents after a heartbreaking loss like a Cleveland Browns fan did on November 14, your city sounds perfect for this.

  • Progressive Field in Cleveland Stadium Scorecard

    You know its going to be a good day when you find free street parking before the game. We started out the day at Panini̵…

  • Cleveland: At Least We’re Not Detroit!

    Cleveland, Ohio: population approximately 478,000. Chief export: mediocrity. The sports scene is in shambles: the best Cleveland Brown is, actually, Cleveland Brown of The Cleveland Show, and the best Indians team of the past 30 years featured Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes/Omar Epps and the president from 24. The one thing they had going for them, Lebron James, is about to leave the city. Goodbye to their last hope for fixing their crippling economy.

  • Lebron James’ Amazing Game-Winning 3-Pointer [Video]

    In case you missed game two of the Eastern Conference finals between Cleveland and Orlando, here's video of Lebron James' game-winning 3-pointer, taken with only one second left in the game. Needless to say, they don't call him King for nothing.