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  • Colossal Christmas Cleavage Collection [68 Photos]

    Have you seen the new Lexus commercial? The narrator bellows, "No one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift." Face it, bigger is better and America has a reputation for wanting to be the biggest and the best. There's no holiday "bigger" and more grandiose than Christmas. So, to celebrate this hefty holiday, we're placing this photo gallery of colossal Christmas cleavage under your tree. Don't act like it wasn't on your wishlist. We know you looked at our colossal cleavage collections of Katy Perry, NFL Cheerleaders, and Halloween Costumes. We reward naughtiness here at COED.

  • Colossal Christmas Cleavage Collection [Gallery]

    Hot pics of holiday cleavage.…

  • Super Sexy Santa’s Helpers 2009

    So little time... so much to do. The holiday season can be downright hectic between all the shopping, the parties and family commitments. But sometimes you've got to set aside the gift-buying and decorating for a minute to enjoy the finer, simpler things in life - like hot chicks dressed in sexy Santa costumes. Really, there's not that much more to it than that. So grab a tall glass of eggnog, sit back and enjoy these Super Sexy Santa's Helpers!

  • Sexy Santa Ho Ho Hos

    Thanksgiving’s over and we’re officially in the long-haul to Christmas. But sometimes you’ve go…