• Lucy Pinder Is Today’s Daily Snapshot WAGs

    Lucy Pinder Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    The Daily Snapshot is a roundup of the hottest chicks on the internet. In today’s edition, we feature Lucy Pinder's 20 hottest photos, a gallery of some fine backsides, Heather Shanholtz does girl-on-girl with Jessica Vaugn, sexy Chivettes, Miranda Kerr modeling some amazing lingerie, the finest in NFL WAGS, fans, and cheerleaders, Aaron Rodgers' Destiny Newton, Maryeve Dufault makes our heart race, and Jordan Carver trying desperately to cover herself up. Check out the hot pics after the jump.

  • Cast Your Vote for the Chivette of the Year! Girls

    Cast Your Vote for the Chivette of the Year!

    2010 was a helluva' year for theCHIVE. The small little photo blog has surged to become one of the biggest websites in the world. Much of theCHIVE's success has hinged on their Chivettes. The Chivettes have become such a phenomenon because we're all tired of photoshopped, manufactured celebrity fakery. The Chivettes represent something real; they are your sexy neighbor, your bartender, your friend's hot roommate. Let's take one last sexy look back at 2010. Don't forget to cast your vote!