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  • Animal Stunts Gone Wrong [GIFS]

    Add the word Sheizerbäng to your list of words to never use again.

  • Kurt Cobain With Cats [PHOTOS]

    What are two things the Internet loves? Certainly indie rock and cats would be on the short list.…

  • A Cat That Can Sing ‘Tequila!’ [VIDEO]

    Teach that cat to dance the Mexican hat dance and you’d have some Grade A entertainment on your hands.…

  • Everyone’s Gone Crazy For The Cat With Eyebrows [12 PHOTOS]

    It feels like just yesterday everyone was going crazy for Tard, also known as Grumpy Cat, because he had a genetic condit…

  • This Cat Says You Are Too High And You Need To Chill Out! [VIDEO]


  • Yes, This Best Late For Work Excuse Ever Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

    If I had known that getting out of work would be this easy, I would have stopped neutering my neighbor’s cats a lot s…

  • This Scared Cat Jumps Every Time Mario Jumps [VIDEO]

    The life of a cat isn’t easy: eating, sleeping, being annoying… Alright, maybe the life of a cat is easy. Bu…

  • This Bilingual Cat Is Better Educated Than You Are [VIDEO]

    He speaks two languages. You barely can handle one!…

  • This Cat Is Damn Good At Table Tennis [VIDEO]

    I’ve always been told ping pong is a sport for pussies. Turns out they were right.…

  • From Russia With Love: Russian Circus Cats [VIDEO]

    Every week we see tons of crazy videos from Russia. Each Sunday, will give you one of our favorites. Who says you can̵…

  • TV

    Animals Acting Like Sharks In Preparation of Shark Week [VIDEO]

    It’s true that we’re more than a little bummed that the Olympics are coming to a close. There won’t b…

  • These Gamers Are Absolute Animals [32 PHOTOS]

    What could be better than sitting down with your friends to play some video games? Having your pets play them, of course!…

  • The 8 Least Sexy Things Men Don’t Like About Women

    Ladies, I know that you’re all feeling pretty good about yourselves after last week’s piece about the 10 S…

  • Lost Cat Posters – We Rate Them!

    COED would like to salute one of our favorite genres of art: Lost Cat Posters. (Not to be confused with Lost Dog Posters.…

  • Pets Love Natural Pillows [28 PHOTOS]

    Whether they be cats, dogs, monkeys, lizards, bunnies, rodents, or men, all species seem to have one thing in common: a l…

  • Supercut of Animals Being D*cks [VIDEO]

    Yesterday I showed you some old drunkard getting attacked by monkeys, but he deserved it for jumping into their pen. This time, these humans haven't done anything to deserve the wrath or tomfoolery of these beasts. This supercut is conclusive evidence that animals are just as thieving, horny, drunk, and violent as their homosapien compatriots. In fact, I think we can all learn a thing or two from these creatures. Check them out after the jump!

  • Kitten Covers, Fauxgos, and Kanye’d By The Bell [Websites of the Week]

    At COED we try to pay homage to the funniest and most WTF sh*t on the interwebs. With our “Websites of the Week” column, we’ve done just that. If you’re looking to murder some time, you can’t do any better than our suggestions. This week’s sites feature the coolest cats to ever pose for album covers, real logos of fake companies, and Kanye lyrics mashed up with Saved By the Bell. Check out this week’s top suggestions then submit your nominations for future WOTW to with the subject line “Websites of the Week”.

  • Cat Scans, Presidential Images, Bad Menus [WEBSITES OF THE WEEK]

    At COED we try to pay homage to the funniest and most WTF sh*t on the interwebs. With our “Websites of the Week” column, we've done just that. If you're looking to murder some time, you can't do any better than our suggestions. This week’s sites feature literal cat scans, messages from our presidents, and menus that should really watch their phrasing. Check out some of the best sites on the web after the jump!

  • Helpful How-To-Video: Turning Off Cats [VIDEO]

    Maybe a certain Mr. Kibbles would still be topside if I had known that cats actually had a pause button instead of just a permanent 'off' mode. I'm going to start carrying these clothespins with me everywhere. That way if someone I know has a cat that's bothering me, Ill just throw one of those bad boys on. Check out the greatest trick after the jump!

  • This Is Why People Are Afraid of Online Dating [VIDEO]

    This video has got to be a hoax. There's no way you can show me the whole clip and tell me this woman is for real. How is she still single? She's hot, blonde, and she wants all the puss she can have. She's literally crying for pussy. She wants to hold it, kiss it, and she's willing to videotape how she feels about it. This video broke a little while ago, so I'm pretty sure she's been snatched up by now. Either that, or she'll never have another date again. Check out her video after the jump!

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    Stoned Cats, This Guy Has My MacBook, and Seinfeld [TUMBLRS OF THE WEEK]

    At COED we try to pay homage the funniest sites on the web. With our Tumblrs of the Week column, we highlight the interspace’s best, most WTF Tumblrs. Wikipedia describes a Tumblr as ”a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private.” We describe them as websites that have a bunch of funny sh*t all with the same theme. This week’s Tumblrs feature faded felines, high tech anti-theft devices, and a tumblr about nothing, yada yada yada. Check them out after the jump.

  • Rihanna’s Bringing Sexy Back to Vogue

    Rihanna Bends Over Backwards for Vogue • Prof Romeo Von Sexhaver on How To Get The BitchesFootball VS Futbol: Money In The Game (Infographic) • Photos From BroBible and Windows Phone's Epic "From Austin With Love" Party • Old Wonder Woman On The New WondermanGreek Soccer Matches Aren't Completely Sh*tty See more links after the jump!

  • If Pets Had Megan Fox Thumbs Day [PHOTOS]

    Fresh on the heels of that creepy Cravendale milk commercial - in which cats have thumbs - comes If Pets Had Thumbs Day! Seriously, what exactly does it take to get a day recognized? Is there a notary involved? Someone out there got crazy high, started talking to his dog about how it would be cool if he gave the thumbs up once in a while and then it dawned on him. HOLIDAY! Here at COED, when we think of thumbs, we think of one person - Megan Fox. Chick's crazy hot but has weird-lookin' thumbs. So, naturally, we thought what if pets had Megan Fox thumbs? Find out after the jump!

  • Lindsay Lohan Offered $3.4 Million For Explicit Sex Book

    • Lindsay Lohan offered $3.4 million for a photo book of her having sex • 15 Hottest Premier League WAGs • 5 apps Fac…

  • Movies This Week: July 30th, 2010

    Inception held at number one and is poised to easily surpass its budget of $160 million with this weekend's gross. Salt gave Inception a run for its money coming in at numero dos while Life After Wartime killed it on one screen taking in $30k+. This weekend's entries feature annoying dinner guests, little brother killing heartthrobs, Killing Fields, Hef, pussies and canines, hermits, gigolos, crime lords, and an underrated Lady Gaga song.

  • This is Your Pet on Drugs (40 PICS)

    Think the oil spill is bad? Think the recession is a downer? Think again. There's a growing drug problem in America that's only going to get worse as the liberal media continues to ignore it. America's pets are getting high and they're getting stoned and they're ordering pizza at 3 A.M. Are you in denial that your very own Fido or Fluffy could be firing up the ole bong when you're at work? Check out the photos below and start praying that VH1 does a season of celebrity pet rehab.

  • Dogs Humping Cats [Videos]

    So, it's 9-11. And I tried really hard to think of a video that properly commemorates the tragedies that happened on this day, eight years ago. (Without, you know, getting all... weird.) But after considering the sheer insanity that's erupted since then, the only thing I could think of was dogs humping cats.

  • The Clusterf*ck of 09.09.09

    Hey everybody, it's 09.09.09! Seriously - all the numbers in the date are nine! You know, this kind of thing only happens once every 4.3 billion years, or something like that. So it's no surprise that pretty much everyone is taking advantage of today's highly marketable date. In fact, there's so much going on that there's no chance we could cover everything properly. So instead...

  • The Daily Shocker: R.I.P. Rat Pack

    Joey Bishop, the last living member of the Rat Pack, died today at 89. Don’t worry, Joey – heaven will be wai…

  • The Daily Shocker: Radcliffe, Daniel Radcliffe

    Harry Potter (otherwise known as “Daniel Radcliffe”) may be in negotiations to be Young James Bond in a fi…