Brooke Rachman
Nov 8, 2011

Miss COED October 2011 Is…

Last month, we asked you guys to vote for Miss COED October 2011. For the first time in a long time, EVERY Miss COED of the Day from September was in the running. More than 2,300 votes were cast in a very heated battle that saw the winner only garner 25% of the vote, 4% higher than the runner up. She's now automatically entered into our Miss COED of the Year competition, which currently has 9 other contestants – Miss COED September 2011 Heather O, Miss COED August 2011 Dylan Fitzpatrick, Miss COED July 2011 Corissa Furr, Miss COED June 2011 Elizabeth Marxs, Miss COED May 2011 Leanna Decker, Miss COED April 2011 Ysania Agurcia, Miss January 2011 Lara Leverence, Miss February 2011 Heather Jo Hughes, and Miss COED March 2011 Kari Nautique. So, who is the mystery champion? Find out after the jump.

Oct 4, 2011

Who Should Be Miss COED October 2011? [POLL]

We recently crowned our Miss COED of the Month for September 2011. Today, we're asking you to vote for the girl who should be Miss COED for October 2011. Since our analytics system that measures hits, visits, pageviews, etc. got all f***ed towards the end of September, we've decided to buck "tradition" and present you with all Miss COEDs from September. We've got every kind of girl you could ever want, but only one can take home the title. Check out each girl's gallery then vote for your favorite in our poll at the bottom after the jump.

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Sep 14, 2011

Miss COED: Brooke Rachman [12 PHOTOS]

From the dudes behind Tempe12 comes Tucson12: proof again that Arizona brings the heat. Brooke is a sophomore at the University of Arizona and apparently lives in an ex-Fraternity with nine of her friends. It's a house rule that they all have naked pillow fights before going to sleep (I just report what I hear). She might be AZ now, but Brooke is originally from SoCal and is the proud owner of season tickets to the Lakers. She claims she attended the U of A because of the campus, but my money's on the fact that she wanted to show ASU that Tucson can get down as well. Check out more pictures of Brooke after the jump!