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  • COED’s Ten Most Influential Adult Stars

    Once again, TIME Magazine released its list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World. Once again, we were left…

  • 2012 AVN Awards Best “Actress” Nominees [PHOTOS, POLL]

    Tonight, the best of the breast will be convening at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for the Adult Video News…

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    10 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [January 16th - 22nd]

    Now that the college football season is over and people are still recovering from MLK Weekend, we begin to enter the most…

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    The 60 Best Natural Breasts of 2011 [PHOTOS]

    Seeing a lot of pink lately? Even though the color doesn't exist, it's for a good cause - breast cancer awareness. October's slowly becoming our favorite month, between the World Series, Halloween, and all this talk about boobs. In previous years, we raised your awareness with the best breasts of all-time. This year, we've decided to keep the list to 2011's top news-making, buzzworthy women with 100% real racks. There are a couple of surprising newcomers, a few consummate vets, and one (or two?) big ol' glaring omission(s). See if you can find out who and feel free to let us know if we missed any in the comments after the jump.

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    Charlie Sheen’s 20 Hottest Hookups [POLL]

    We've been looking forward to the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen ever since it was announced, however, it seems Charlie's backed off his near year-long, high-octane rampage over trolls. His 'best wishes' mini-speech at the Emmys indicates that maybe Sheen really had overdosed on Sheen; that sanity had been restored and the haggard, wild-eyed man who housed goddesses was now turning over a new leaf. While we understand it's humanly impossible to keep up "the crazy train" forever, we'd like to pay homage to a man who might've paid for a lot of p*ssy but still got a fair amount of fine trim free of charge. Check out our list of his hottest hookups after the jump.

  • Wrap It Up: Roger Clemens Won’t Misremember His Mistrial Edition

    In today's edition of Wrap It Up, we cover the judicial system f***ing up another case, promo pics form the Spider-Man reboot featuring Emma Stone as a blonde, Irina Shayk showin' off the sexiest dress of the summer, Belen Rodriguez showin' off her bikini body, the Miss Hooters pageant pics, Redneck Games, Bree Olson's Playboy cover, the most hipster colleges, Brian Wilson's spandex tux and much more. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump!

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    Top 10 Tweeters On Twitter

    Twitter's a mixed bag; there's a lot of superfluous garbage. Many consider it to be a steady stream of textual diarrhea, it's enough to make a person give up.  But, there are a few people worth following for their consistently charming and intriguing tweets. Whether it's their observational humor, unfiltered dialogue, refreshing nature, nonsensical babble, or flat-out ability to engage with his or her fans, the following 10 tweeters never disappoint. Check 'em out below and let us know if we missed any in the comments section after the jump!

  • Texas Independence Babes 2011 [42 PHOTOS]

    March 2nd is Texas Independence Day, a state holiday in which most Texans celebrate the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence. The document effectively created the Republic of Texas, an independent nation that encompassed present-day Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming from 1836 to 1846. Without that pioneering piece of paper, we might never have laid eyes on the wildly wonderful women in this photo gallery. Today, we go deep into the heart of Texas with pics of chicks born, raised, and/or living in the Lonestar State. They'll make anyone - Texan or not - proud to be an American.

  • The 59 Most Titillating Tweets from the “World’s Biggest Whore” Bree Olson

    Yesterday, adult film star Bree Olson was crowned "World's Biggest Whore" on The Howard Stern Show. We've been following her on Twitter and her detailed and graphic retelling of encounters with fans, on the set, and behind the scenes are proof positive she really really really LOVES sex. We've compiled 59 of her funniest, craziest, and most interesting tweets of the past year.

  • Tennis Star or Pornstar: The Audio Game

    With the US Open gearing up to start August 30th, we're gearing up for a whole lot'a beautiful girls playing tennis. Last year, the big topic was whether or not officials will begin penalizing female tennis players for grunting like wild beasts on the court. This year a new study says that grunting actually improves a player's power, thus improving a player's game. Regardless, we revel in the sounds that exude from these sexy women of sport. But it got us to thinking, could we tell the difference between a tennis grunt and a porn grunt? To answer this question, we put together this little game to test your grunt guessing abilities.

  • The iTunes App Store Goes Topless (UPDATE: Nevermind…)

    Despite the fact that you've been looking at porn on your iPhone for years, Apple has now approved the first app to be sold in iTunes that contains nudity! Called Hottest Girls (iTunes download) the $2 app features more than 2,200 pictures of super-smokin' girls, like Lucy Pinder, Megan Fox and Bree Olson, in everything from skimpy outfits to, well, nothing at all.

  • The Best of Pornstar TwitPics

    After seeing someone completely naked, close-up, in HD, you'd think there'd be nothing left to learn about them. That is, until you start following porn stars on Twitter. Tons of these lovely ladies are 'tweeting' about everything from what they had for breakfast to what body part they just stuck where. But the one thing better than their quick messages is all the behind-the-scenes pictures posted to TwitPic.

  • Bree Olson Is Pissed [Video]

    Most of the time, when I see a person completely lose their sh!t, I laugh my ass off. But we recently interviewed Ms. Olson, so it makes it difficult not to feel at least some sympathy for her when she bases these guys' camera. But I will say, when you upset...

  • Jana Cova Tops The Week-In-Reboob

    Born in the Czech Republic, 28-year-old blond hottie Jana Cova (sometimes spelled Yana) started her career as a bikini model - but by the grace of the sex gods, she soon moved into the world of porn, having appeared in everything from Penthouse to Perfect 10.

  • A Month of Miss March: 31 Playmates and Pets of March

    With sex-crazed comedy Miss March coming out this Friday, we've decided to celebrate this hell of a month by bringing you a super smokin' collection of some of the hottest "Miss Marches." Now we know - the term "Miss March" is historically a Playboy term. But through the ages, it's come to colloquially mean cover model, so we've mixed things up a bit...

  • COED Interviews Pornstar Bree Olson!

    In the wicked world of porn, some ladies got it - other's don't. And 22-year-old blond hottie Bree Olson definitely has it all. After being in the adult film industry since 2006, she's won a load of awards, including AVN's 2009 "Best New Web Starlet" award for her Site [NSFW -duh!]. So we thought we'd get the lowdown on this lovely leading lady with a little Q&A.

  • Texas Independence Babes

    Yee-haw - It's Texas Independence Day! On this day in 1836, the Texas Declaration of Independence was adopted. And 173 years later, the state is still big as hell and going strong. So to celebrate this under-appreciated holiday, we've rounded-up all the hottest Texans we could find. From Jessica Simpson to Jessica Drake, these lovely ladies are definitely not to be messed with.

  • 44 Porn Stars Who Twitter [With Galleries]

    Well, hot damn! Everyone seems to be on Twitter these days, including a ton of your favorite Porn Stars! By following their feeds, not only are you one click away from chatting with some of the sexiest chicks in the industry, you get to learn about what their lives are like when they're not, um, working... You know, if you're into that kind of thing.

  • The 2009 AVN Movie Award Nominees: Gallery Edition

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  • Bree Olson’s Twitter TwitPics

    Bree Olson Twitter ID:BreeOlson9 (Click photos to see her TwitPic page) “Check out my new car stereo system! Wis…

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    Hot photos of Bree Olson.    …