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  • Oregon State’s Beautiful Beavers Calendar Makes Us Say Hot Dam! [64 PHOTOS]

    We received a tip from one of the masterminds behind the Women of OSU Calendar alerting us to the beautiful Beavers featured within its pages. This is the "first ever swimsuit calendar featuring 12 of Oregon State University's most beautiful women". While it's definitely healthy to gawk at the gorgeous girls, it's also for a good cause - all profits made by the Women of OSU Calendar will be donated to cancer research charities and I believe they're donating $1 for every "like" on their Facebook page. Who knew your libido could be used for good? Check out pics of the 12 beautiful Beavers after the jump.

  • College Cheerleader Bikini Blowout [166 Photos]

    On November 2nd, 1898, the "sport" of cheerleading started at the University of Minnesota when Johnny Campbell led the crowd in cheering on the football team. Today, we scoff at the idea of male cheerleaders but if you've ever been or known a male cheerleader or have ever seen "Fired Up", you know their job can be pretty f'n sweet, more specifically when they do lifts. If it weren't for Johnny Can-a-soup, we wouldn't have the gems you see in our gallery. The only thing hotter than a cheerleader in uniform is one out of uniform and in a bikini. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Rosh Hashanah Hotties Make Us Say Oh My Gosh [76 PHOTOS]

    Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown today (September 28th). It marks the start of a new year in the Hebrew Calendar, which is why it's referred to as "Jewish New Year". While the Gregorian New Year is celebrated on January 1st with one night stands, vomiting, regrets, defecating, and crying, the Jewish version features prayer, a whole lotta eatin', and blowing of the Shofar - a pretty bad-ass looking horn. Try not to blow as you get horned up from our photo gallery of gorgeous Israeli beach babes after the jump.

  • Izabel Goulart Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features the twenty sexiest photos of Victoria's Secret model Izabel Goulart, a final send off to summer with girls in bikinis and getting wet, Christina Ricci was born to be a star, Megan Daniels donating her sexy pics to the Spank Bank, Parks & Rec cutie Aubrey Plaza, Coco showing off serious cleavage, Tara Reid "shows us her good side" and Olivia Munn destroys the LPGA. Check out the hot pics after the jump!

  • You’ll Need Rehab After Seeing These Las Vegas Pool Party Girls [103 PHOTOS]

    Temperatures are beginning to cool down in most parts of the US, but in Las Vegas things are heating up but good. From Rehab at the Hard Rock to the Bungalows at the Palms Pool, thousands of scantily-clad cuties descend daily on Vegas' high-end pool clubs to dance and play in the cascading waterfalls and topless pool areas. It's like something out of a Big Daddy Kane video. And although Vegas's motto is "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" fortunately for you, these photos didn't. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Zoe Saldana Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    Daily Snapshot is our round up of the day's hottest women on the web. Today's gallery of girls features the 20 hottest pics of Colombiana star Zoe Saldana, Rosie Jones providing Help For Heroes via the 2012 Hot Shots calendar, a picture perfect moment with Rhian Sugden, hot chicks submitting sexy twitpics for #FriskyFriday, the beautiful and bouncy Brooke Adams, Candice Swanepoel dominating lingerie, bikini girls, Belen Rodriguez, and Jennifer Hawkins doing a lil' turn on the catwalk. Check out their hot pics after the jump.

  • Estella Warren Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    The Daily Snapshot is our round up of the hottest girls on the internet. Today's edition highlights Estella Warren's 20 hottest photos ever, sexy bikini girls setting the record for most people showering, some pretty epic sideboobage, Halle Berry wrestling with her bikini on the beach, the 30 fastest hot girls, Candice Swanepoel's beach photoshoot, Michelle Trachtenburg's all grown-up, Tiffany Toth does girl on girl with Jessica Vaugn, and a hot chick messing with a flamethrower. Check the hot pics after the jump!

  • A Colossal Collection Of Hooters Cleavage For National Chicken Wing Day [108 PHOTOS]

    July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day. Chicken wings are the ultimate sports food. They crush nachos, chips & dip, pizza, or any other game day "delicacy". You want your mouth to fall off? Get atomic buffalo wings. You want your jaw to drop? Dig in to a heaping plate of colossal cleavage displayed by the very hottest of Hooter Girls. Oh, and you can buy 10 Wings and get 10 FREE at any participating Hooters. This is what we call a "win win" in the biz. Break out the wet naps and check out the pics after the jump.

  • Super Sexy Fourth of July Pool Party Girls [60 PICS]

    Are you guys in-ground on above-ground folk? Me? I could go either way. I've had both and while in-ground is considered classier, you can get some serious bonage on above ground an no one's the wiser. Anyway, to get you pumped for America cutting the umbilical cord, we've welcomed 76 sexy ladies into our in-ground pool party gallery. Check 'em out after the cannonball!

  • Hooters 2011 International Swimsuit Pageant Viewers Choice Award, You Could Win $10,000

    The 15th Annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant takes place in Miami tomorrow night, Saturday, June 25th at 9pm ET / 8pm CT. While 100 girls will compete for cash & prizes worth more than $150,000, fans have the chance to win $10,000 just by voting for their favorite contestant. To celebrate, we've put together three galleries for you - one featuring last year's contestants, one featuring previous pageant winners, and one of Stephanie Haney (aka Stephanie Christine), last year's Viewer's Choice winner (and COED interview subject). See their bangin' bikini bodies after the jump!

  • The Gorgeous Girls of Miss USA 2011: Bikini Edition [51 PHOTOS]

    This past weekend, we showed you the 2011 Miss USA contestants showing off their bikini bodies at a Las Vegas pool party as they get ready to compete in this year's pageant, which will be held at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 19th. Today, we bring you more of the good stuff with 50+ photos of the girls putting what God gave them on full display. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Miss USA 2011 Contestants Show Off Bikini Bodies At Las Vegas Pool Party [12 PHOTOS]

    The 60th anniversary of the Miss USA pageant will be held at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on June 19. Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih of Michigan, will crown her successor who will then represent the U.S. at the Miss Universe pageant in São Paulo, Brazil on September 12. Rima hosted a pool party for the Miss USA 2011 contestants in what amounted to a sexy and provocative preview of the swimsuit competition. Take a look at the pics then vote for the girls you think should advance to the semi-finals after the jump!

  • ECU’s Epic End Of The Year Pool Party [9 PHOTOS]

    Here at COED, we tend to focus a lot on ASU. It’s one of the rare institutions that embraces and parades its party sc…

  • The Girls of Bikinis @ SXSW 2011 [19 Photos]

    Forget about the endless after parties, free booze, and the 4000+ bands that make SXSW the most awesomely-excessive experience every March.  For our money, the best thing about SXSW is Bikinis... the sports bar and grill on 6th Street and the garb required of the beautiful girls who work there. We popped in early Saturday night to grab a quick bite and a drink between panels and parties. Four hours later we were still there. Our girl Britney (white bikini on right) was as sweet as she is hot and took ridiculous care of us. Since you couldn't be there to experience it firsthand, we snapped a bunch of pics for you to enjoy. If you're in the mood for seconds, check out our post on the very best breastaurants. See the pics after the jump!

  • 500 Daytona Spring Break Bikini Party Pics 2011

    This weekend's Daytona 500 is sure to be bittersweet for NASCAR fans - it marks the 10th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash and the beginning of another adrenaline-pumping season. For many college students, Daytona is the SPRING BREAK destination of choice. This time of year marks their last chance to get in on some last minute Spring Break deals. To pay tribute to NASCAR's kick-off and to get you amped for a week of wet t-shirt contests and shady hook ups, we present you with a photo gallery of girls gone wild in Daytona to rev your engine. See the pics after the jump!

  • 2011 NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview: Cheerleader Showdown [PICS]

    So, COED went 3-1 last week with our predictions, though our final scores were way off. Take a wild (card) guess which game we lost on. That's right. Those wiley Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch (no relation) had one of the most epic... whoops, can't use that word... the craziest run in the history of the playoffs shedding 8 tackles en route to a long touchdown. See our predictions (and pics of each team's cheerleaders) after the jump!

  • Colossal Cleavage Collection: Hooters Edition [108 Photos]

    Hooters has been a dining staple for bachelors who are more horny than hungry for decades now. How are the wings? Who cares. How are the waitresses? More times than not, they're mouth watering. The dude-friendly chain set the bar and paved the way for future breastaurants by releasing its own magazine, calendar, playing cards, and hosting annual regional, national, and international swimsuit pageants. Today, we pay homage to its namesake with a photo gallery of Hooters Girls showing off their resumes. IDEA FOR RESTAURANT: Wieners! The dachshund could be our mascot! No? Okay. Your loss.

  • Hooter’s Girls Heat Up Aspen [80 Photos]

    It’s been a grueling few months, but the wait is finally over. Ski and snowboard season is officially upon us and w…

  • The 111 Sweetest Things We’ll Miss About Summer

    As summer comes to a close, we look forward to the World Series, college football, and weekly NFL shockers, but we're sure going to miss a LOT of things. More specifically, the LACK of things covering women's bodies. To mourn the passing of minimum skin coverage, we've assembled this commemorative list that is bound to make you misty-eyed for mad hot temperatures.

  • Provocative Las Vegas Pool Party Girls [96 Photos]

    Temperatures are beginning to cool down in most parts of the US, but in Las Vegas things are heating up but good. From Rehab at the Hard Rock to the Bungalows at the Palms Pool, thousands of scantily-clad cuties ascend daily on Vegas' high-end pool clubs to dance and play in the cascading waterfalls and topless pool areas. It's like something out of a Big Daddy Kane video. And although Vegas's motto is "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" fortunately for you, these 96 photos didn't. Enjoy.

  • 76 Real Israeli Beach Babes to Kick-Off Rosh Hashanah

    Jealous of all your Jewish co-workers who are getting the day off for Rosh Hashana? Don't be. While they're sitting in temple all day celebrating the Jewish new year, you're getting the opportunity to check out some of their finest Israeli girls (as if these 44 super sexy girls of the Israel Defense Forces weren't enough). And we'll tell you one thing, these girls are NOT dressed appropriately for Synagouge. L'Chaim.