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  • The Ass-entials of Halloween [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Sexy pictures of hot Halloween butts.…

  • Miss COED: Tasha Reign

    Rachel's 1 of 2 coeds from UCLA who was featured in Playboy's Girls of the PAC-10 pictorial in the October 2010 issue. Check out her non-nude pics in COED's post on the PAC-10 girls and in our interview with her and the rest of the PAC-10 girls.

  • Miss COED: Heather Summers

    Heather's appeared on's Busty Babes site and is into playing video games, computers and working out. How 'bout this? You, me, and a Wii Fit marathon. Then we can livestream our post workout cool-down on iChat.

  • Italy’s Elena Santarelli [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Hot shots of ludicrously sexy Italy’s Elena Santarelli.…

  • Spain’s Eugenia Silva [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Sexy pics of Spain’s Eugenia Silva.…

  • Spain’s Natalia Mesa Bush [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Photos of meltingly sexy Spain’s Natalia Mesa Bush.…

  • 10s of Perfect 10s on 10/10/10 [40 PHOTOS]

    We've all heard of the term, "Perfect 10" but did you know "Perfect 10" is actually a men's magazine featuring the world's most beautiful "natural" women? To celebrate 10/10/10, COED tenaciously tabbed 10 of the best Perfect 10s for your viewing pleasure. Personally, we give this gallery a 10.

  • Miss COED: Victoria Ivanova

    This Ukranian model has appeared on Playboy's "Student Bodies" and "Women of Playboy" sites in addition to being Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week for the week of August 17th, 2009 and Cyber Girl of the Month for December 2009. According to her profile, she loves to read novels and play in the snow and hopes to one day become a powerful woman. Mission accomplished on the power front - we're buying a ski lodge full of books as we type.

  • Miss COED: Payton Prestley

    Payton's featured in Playboy's "Sexy Wives" collection. She believes in open and honest communication, being adventurous in the bedroom and always doing the dishes in her underwear and high heels. We're gonna be honest and say we hope she gets a divorce ASAP. Our dishwasher's broken!

  • Ridiculously Hot Russian Calendar Girls [40 Photos]

    Vladimir Putin turned 58 earlier this week. To celebrate, female students from Moscow State University posed for an erotic calendar for the second year in a row. Some students have protested the publication by taping over their mouths. THANK YOU! Now, we can not only enjoy the calendar, but also these other Russian calendar girls. We've never been happier to see time fly! Bring on November!

  • 40 Ridiculously Hot Russian Calendar Girls [PHOTO GALLERY]

    Photos of amazingly sexy Russian Calendar Girls.…

  • The Hedonistic Hotties of San Francisco’s Exotic Erotic Ball [72 Photos]

    What's part Mardi Gras, part burlesque, and part rock concert? No, it's not the Minnesota Vikings "Love Boat", it's The Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo, a fun-filled celebration of "free love" featuring over 50 live performances from pornstars to strippers, supermodels to reality TV stars. This is the 31st annual edition of the show, which is set to take place October 22-23rd at the Craneway Pavilion in San Fran.

  • The Hedonistic Hotties of San Francisco’s Exotic Erotic Ball [PHOTO GALLERY]

    The sensual vixens of SF’s Exotic Erotic Ball.…

  • Miss COED: Jennifer Vaughn

    This Italian, Czech, and Spanish model was born and raised in Texas. She's been featured in U.S. and international issues of Maxim and Playboy, and she's slated to be Playboy's Cyber Girl for November 2010.

  • 20 Very Hot Vegetarians for World Vegetarian Day [80 Photos]

    Today is World Vegetarian Day, a day of celebration that was established “to promote the joy, compassion and lif…

  • Miss COED: Jennifer Fulfer-McCall

    Jen’s an up-and-coming model who has amazing versatility. She can pose as a sultry blonde in a bikini, a brooding…

  • Sexy Halloween Costume-less 2010 [PICS]

    With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about costumes. Luckily, for chicks, they have it easy. While we spend a ton of money on clothes, hats, shoes, and accessories that'll get chucked in the closet never to be seen again, women like the ones in this photo gallery just slather on a bunch of paint. Now, we're not advocating you dudes do this, it's for ladies only. But, next time a girl asks you what she should be for Halloween, you break out the paintbrush.

  • The Ass-entials of Lingerie Football [68 Photos]

    What is essential in life? Conan the Barbarian might say it's, "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." While we're keen on crushing enemies, we'd rather not hear crying women. Instead, we'd like to stare at their BEE-hinds. Previously, we've featured the "ass-entials" of volleyball vixens and girls who know how to work the pole. Now, with the fourth game of the Lingerie Football League ("LFL") set to take place tonight between the Tampa Breeze and the Orlando Fantasy, we mount our steeds, unsheath our swords and ride into the Assentials of the LFL. Join us, won't you?

  • Hey, Hot College Girl! KFC Wants To Double Down On Your Buns

    Kentucky Fried Chicken is recruiting college chicks to wear sweatpants with "Double Down" written on the buttcheeks to get students to try the unique bun-less sandwich.

  • Miss COED: Franchesca Del Carpio

    Franchesca is a 24-year-old of Colombian, Peruvian and Italian heritage that resides in Orange County, California. Surprise, surprise! A model from Orange County.

  • The 25 Most Ridiculously-Beautiful Reef Girl Butts

    If you're into surf and sand, you've probably heard of Reef, the fine producers of authentic surf sandals. COED is no stranger to Reef Girls, we've prominently featured their finest attributes in a gallery that had us all hanging ten. Recently, held a "Miss Reef" photo contest to celebrate 25 years of Reef bikini models' backsides. Although voting is now closed and summer's over, COED wants to keep the beach party going with a riveting gallery of ravishing Reef Girls rear ends.

  • Sexy Halloween Costume-less 2009 [120 Bodypaint Photos]

    It's that time of year again. The cold winds are blowing in, the sun is going down earlier, and the leaves are already starting to change. Why do we care? Because that means super-sexy Halloween costumes are right around the corner! To get you amped up for the hottest holiday America as to offer, here are over 120 pics of the most genius way to make a costume we can imagine: body paint!

  • 48 Mex-cellent Mexican Models for Mexican Independence Day

    If you're like most Gringos, you probably think you already celebrated Mexican Independence Day on Cinco De Mayo. It's actually on September 16th. 2010 marks the 200th anniversary. So, we compiled a collection of the 48 hottest Mexican models who've been freed of their oppressive clothing.

  • Mexico’s Hottest Sportscaster Ines Sainz [72 PICS]

    Sexy Hispanic sportscaster Ines Sainz was allegedly “bombarded with catcalls and boorish antics” by New York Jets players and management at the New Meadowlands facility. Female reporters in the locker room has been a longstanding issue, but it's difficult to pass on noticing Sainz's assets especially when she has pictures like these bouncing around the internet.

  • Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: American Football Edition

    If there are three things we love more than life itself, it's beautiful women, bodypaint and football. And with the NFL kicking off tonight and college football last weekend, it would only make sense that we would find a way to combine our three favorite things into one mega-hot-picture post. Luckily for you, we're sensible people and that's just what we've done. Enjoy.

  • The Ass-entials of Surfing [60 Photos]

    Forget all the debate about title 9 and female sports and just focus on the ass-entials of what we're about to tell you. We need women's sports to exist in this world because we need to see photos that show the ass-entials of pole vaulting and beach volleyball. Not following our logic? Take a look at our latest research on lady surfers and you'll understand where we're going with this.

  • 44 Sexiest Celebrity Beach Butts

    Summer - it's hot, clammy and sometimes unbearable. But if there's one thing that should keep you happy during these scorching months, it's super hot chicks strutting their stuff in bikinis. So to celebrate the summer before the cold winds of fall blow in, we've put together a bootylicious collection of the 44 sexiest celebrity bikini beach butts!