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  • November 27, 2013: Yuria Haga Turns 26—Here’s 59 Pics

    [59 photos!] You may not know the name, but you won't forget these pics of Japan's most delicious demon fighter!

  • November 13, 2013: Koda Kumi’s Freaky Taboo Birthday [42 Pics]

    [42 pics!] It's November 13th, and we're celebrating the birthday of a J-Pop star.

  • Natasha Yi: PRICE IS RIGHT Girl Gone Wild! [3 VIDEOS]

    Natasha Yi used to show off prizes on The Price Is Right--now she's showing off her body in wild (and artsy) videos!

  • Diane Yang on “NCIS: Los Angeles” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

    [28 pics!] Diane Yang rocks NCIS: Los Angeles tonight--and these pics will get you saluting her as one of Conan O'Brien's fave funny babes!

  • Ally Maki on “2 BROKE GIRLS” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

    [25 pics!] Sweeps Week starts with Ally Mika sweeping us off our feet as a stripper on 2 Broke Girls!

  • The United States Of Porn: What Kind Of Smut Your State Watches The Most

    Last week, Internet juggernaut PornHub released some very interesting data when it came to their American audience. S…

  • 15 Beautifully Busty Japanese Babes to Celebrate Hina Matsuri [PHOTOS]

    Hina Matsuri (“Doll Festival”) takes place March 3rd and is an unofficial Japanese holiday during which…

  • Bad Idea: Duke’s Racist Fraternity Party

    Here at COED, we have two types of readers: those that are in school and those who aren’t.…

  • The Best New Rap Group Is A Bunch Of Young Asian Kids That Can’t Rap [VIDEO]

    So I’ve watched this video, like, hundreds of times now, studying these Asian kids, trying to understand their r…

  • Jamie Chung [See Her Tonight on ONCE UPON A TIME]

    Jamie Chung on Once Upon A Time (8 pm EST, ABC) Once Upon A Time has really taken off as a hit show with its second seasonR…

  • TV

    Yin Chang [See Her Tonight on GOSSIP GIRL]

    14 pics! The CW is gambling that people would rather watch soaps than tonight's Presidential Debates. The network also has the advantage of Yin Chang returning to Gossip Girl. She's looking glamorous as a former nerd back to torment bitchy fashion designer Blair Waldorf--and these pics will prove why the change is no surprise to Yin's biggest fans...

  • You Know How I Know That You’re Whipped? [PIC]

    Because you're letting your wife stand on your back with her HEELS ON. Everyone knows you ask your wife to take her heels off before you let her use you as a human stool.

  • I Don’t Claim To Know Everything And I Definitely Don’t Know What This Double Ended ‘Di-L-Do’ Candy Is [VIDEO]

    Finally, a candy for all you guys out there who thought the Doublemint girls never got slutty enough. Which is pretty much every guy, am I right??

  • Yes, This Three Year-Old Asian Impersonating Richard Nixon at a Birthday Party Moment Happened [68 PHOTOS]

    Not to knock her education, but the chances of this girl knowing who Richard Nixon is are about as low as the chances that s…

  • Brittany Ishibashi [See Her Tonight on POLITICAL ANIMALS]

    21 pics! We thought it was a miniseries, but tonight's Political Animals is pushed as a season finale after six whole episodes. Maybe we'll get another season with Brittany Ishibashi as a gal marrying into a political dynasty. She's had our vote as a real crowdpleaser ever since she showed up on Supernatural as part of a reality-show ghostbusting team. Now check out some pics that'll get you pulling your own lever for this hot babe with a big future...

  • Devon Aoki Is 30 Years Old—You Get 100 Photos!

    It’s a good night to go to Benihana! The entire restaurant chain should be celebrating the 30th birthday of Devon…

  • VietJetAir Serves Up Sexy In-Flight Bikini Dancers [PHOTOS, VIDEO + HOT STEWARDESS TRIBUTE!]

    We’re lucky to get served peanuts when we get stuck flying nowadays. But you can book us on a flight to Ho Chi Minh Ci…

  • Kelly Hu [See Her Tonight on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION]

    40 pics! Maybe it's not too big of a surprise to see Kelly Hu on a repeat of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She's one of the busiest actresses around--even if Hollywood didn't really know what to do with the high-kicking gal after she broke through in 2002's The Scorpion King. She's always in demand, though, and Kelly's also stayed busy as a true Queen of Sideboobage. There's sure plenty on display in the humongous gallery inside...

  • Chasty Ballesteros [See Her Tonight on THE NEWSROOM]

    22 pics! There's controversial stuff with the new HBO series The Newsroom, but the show has cast some gals that transcend politics. For example, we proudly endorse Chasty Ballesteros--who's playing a character called Tea, and there's a party we're looking to join! Chasty's shown off talents that nobody was expecting back when she started out pitching beer as The Kokanee Glacier Girl. Admire her acting tonight, but start with admiring her amazing bod right now...

  • Naomi Matsuda [See Her Tonight on NEW GIRL]

    14 pics + video! It's the rerun season, which means we're ready for Naomi Matsuda on tonight's repeat of New Girl. This amazing Asian beauty surprised us the first time she showed up in tonight's episode. We recognized her, though--and we've got plenty of hot pics (and video of her acting reel) to show why Naomi is a big star to us!

  • Pei Pei Lin [See Her Tonight on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT]

    15 pics! It's a special season finale on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because--well, it has Pei Pei Lin. She's one of our favorite NYC actresses, and not just because she's beautiful. Pei Pei is also a brilliant babe and a genuine nerd. Tonight is America's first chance to check out the luscious Ms. Lin, but check out our gallery to get started on the new Linsanity!

  • Haruka Ayase’s Birthday Bonzai [45 PHOTOS]

    Haruka Ayase is a Japanese gravure model and actress who is currently celebrating her 27th birthday. I know that many of…

  • WTF Ancient Japanese Fartwork Revealed! [12 PHOTOS]

    Next time your girlfriend says you’re crude for telling your friends about one of your epic farts, explain to her…

  • Man Sets Record For Jumping Up Steps… On His Head [VIDEO]

    Whenever you complain about being hungover or think that your headache is bad, think of this bald kung-fu ninja who trains tirelessly to jump up steps with his head. I'm not sure what kind of discipline he studies, but in terms of pointlessness it rivals the ninjas who practice eating molten lead. I'm serious, that actually exists. Anyways, in this video the kid sets the record for most steps jumped up with your head. I feel like this record might stand for awhile. Check out the video after the jump!