Mar 20, 2017

‘Humans’ Stream: How To Watch Season 2 Finale Online

AMC’s Humans will conclude its second season tonight at 10:00 P.M. EST. Care to tune in? We got you covered...

Mar 12, 2017

‘The Walking Dead’ Stream: Watch Season 7, Episode 13 Online

Are we all collectively over deer-gate or are we still making fun of it? That CGI monstrosity on The Walking...

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Mar 5, 2017

‘The Walking Dead’ Stream: Watch Season 7, Episode 12 Online

AMC’s The Walking Dead remains one of television’s most popular shows even if the quality of the series has ebbed...

Feb 26, 2017

‘The Walking Dead’ Stream: Watch Season 7, Episode 11 Online

AMC’s The Walking Dead has come back to life in the ratings since returning for the second half of season...

Feb 13, 2017

‘Humans’ Stream: How To Watch Season 2 Premiere Online

AMC’s Humans debuted in January 2015 to solid critical reviews and decent ratings (around two million weekly viewers). At the...

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Sep 18, 2016

Fear The Walking Dead Live Stream: How To Watch Season 2, Episode 12 Online

Fear The Walking Dead continues its second season tonight with episode 10. Season 2, episode 12, is titled “Pillar Of...

Fear The Walking Dead Live Stream: How To Watch Season 2, Episode 10 Online

Fear The Walking Dead continues its second season tonight with episode 10. Season 2, episode 10, is titled “Do Not...

Sep 4, 2016

Fear The Walking Dead Live Stream: How To Watch Season 2, Episode 9 Online

Fear The Walking Dead continues it’s second season. Season 2, episode 9, is titled “Los Muertos.” Fear the Walking Dead ...

Aug 28, 2016

‘Halt And Catch Fire,’ The Most Underrated Show On Television, Returns Tonight

Halt and Catch Fire is the best TV show you aren’t watching. An American period drama television series created by...

Aug 23, 2016

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Aug 21, 2016

Fear The Walking Dead Live Stream: Watch Season 2 Episode 8 “Grotesque” Online

Fear The Walking Dead returns tonight with its midseason premiere! Season 2, episode 8, is titled “Grotesque.” It is the...

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Jul 22, 2016

WATCH: The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer #1 Official Video From SDCC 2016

The Walking Dead sent shock waves through the pop culture landscape with their season 6 finale. A show known for...

May 20, 2016

Preacher AMC: Date, Time, TV Channel, & Live Stream

Preacher the latest comic book adaptation to make it’s way to television. It will be airing on AMC on Sunday, ...

Apr 19, 2016

What Season Is The Walking Dead On Right Now?

The Walking Dead is a horror TV series based on the comic book of the same name. The main character ...

Apr 15, 2016

Where Is The Walking Dead Filmed: Locations, Sets & Photos

It’s going to be awhile until The Walking Dead premieres Season 7 in October, so while fans are waiting, you’ll...

Apr 8, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 Cast: Meet The Full Cast

After The Walking Dead Season 6 finale premiered on Sunday, April 3, fans have voiced their impatience for having to...

Apr 8, 2016

When Does ‘The Walking Dead’ Return? Season 7 Premiere Date

Sunday, April 3, 2016 was the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, and the series left off on a...

Aug 22, 2013

Breaking Bad Character’s Real Life Criminal Offenses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Even if Walt could commit a crime he wouldn't be fast enough to pull it off.

Jun 23, 2013

Lingering Questions About The Walking Dead [VIDEO]

World War Z sucked, so now we’re waiting for “Walking Dead” to return, but we have some questions...

Feb 3, 2013

See Her Tonight [Emma Bell On THE WALKING DEAD]

Yes, the Super Bowl is what you and I are watching tonight. But if the game is a blow out...

Feb 2, 2013

Groundhog Day: How Can The Heads Of AMC Be Such D-Bags?

Today is Groundhog Day, a weird holiday brought over to Pennsylvania by creepy German people hundreds of years ago....

Sep 28, 2012

Stephen Colbert Exposes ‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered who Walter White, the drug-dealing chemist from Breaking Bad, is based on? Last night on The...

Sep 17, 2012

5 Differences Between Breaking Bad Meth and Nazi Meth

(ALERT: Scott Calonico is our latest Comedy Vertical contributor. He’s a comedian and filmmaker who lives in Dundee...

Aug 7, 2012

MAD MEN’s Jessica Pare: From ’60s Retro to ’80s Retro With Jesus & Mary Chain [35 PHOTOS + VIDEO]

She wowed people earlier this year with a sexy rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou” on Mad Men. Jessica Paré updated...

Jul 14, 2012

All The “B*tches” From Breaking Bad [SUPERCUT VIDEO]

Are you ready for Sunday night’s premiere of Breaking Bad? Besides bringing crystal meth to the forefront of pop culture,...

Jul 10, 2012

11 Things BREAKING BAD Brought Back In Style

Crystal meth. Guns. The F.B.I. The D.E.A. Death. Explosions. No, I’m not describing a Michael Bay Christmas wishlist. On July...

Jul 9, 2012

Breaking Bad Art: Fans Pay Respect to Jesse and Mr. White

Quiz: Breaking Bad–the best show of all time or the greatest show of all time? I can’t wait until the...

May 27, 2012

Alison Brie [See Her Tonight on MAD MEN]

28 pics! Fans of Community are worried about their favorite sitcom, but star Alison Brie has a back-up plan with Mad Men. Tonight continues her return to the show after a long stint away. She's sexy as ever in her role as the wife of account exec Pete Campbell, but we've got a mad gallery of Alison looking even sexier. Check out these pics for a breezy Sunday full of hot Brie!

May 15, 2012

12 Good Reasons To Never Do Meth [PHOTOS]

My favorite TV show is AMC’s Breaking Bad.The series follows Walter White – a high school chemistry teacher who turns...

Mar 17, 2012

See Her Tonight [Emily Kinney On THE WALKING DEAD]

Emily Kinney on The Walking Dead (9 PM EST, AMC) Prepare yourself for the upcoming week and inevitable zombie apocalypse...

Oct 21, 2011

Reasons Why <em>The Walking Dead</em> Is A Runaway Hit [VIDEO]

The Walking Dead began its second season Sunday night to monumental ratings. Nearly 7.3 million tuned in for the first showing and more than 2 million caught the 10:30 repeat. In the coveted 18-49-year-old demographic, "The Walking Dead" did better than anything else on Sunday night – other than the NFL. If you have no idea what we're talking about or are just too lazy to care, here's our list of reasons why you should download Season 1's episodes. If that doesn't work, we also have a highlight reel that includes every zombie death from the first go-round. Check 'em out after the jump.

Oct 14, 2011

5 Reasons Why <em>The Walking Dead</em> Will Infect You, Plus A Zombie Death Supercut [VIDEO]

Good news, but you should already know this: Season 2 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday night at 9/8c on AMC. If you weren't one of the 5 million Americans already watching The Walking Dead, you're either not American, don't have cable or you were completely oblivious to the highest rated show on cable. If you were the last one, you are missing out on what could easily turn into the next Lost. Check out our list of reasons why you should download Season 1's episodes along with a highlight reel that includes every zombie death from the first go-round after the jump.

Jul 12, 2011

Apps of the Week [TV, Movies & Video]

In today's world, there's an app for pretty much anything. And within these 'anything' categories, there are hundreds of individual apps to choose from. What should you buy? What should you try out? COED sorts out the best from the rest in our Apps of the Week feature. This week, we take a look at apps that allow you to watch television and movies when you're on the move. YouTube not included. Der.

Dec 27, 2010

Back to the Future, Dinosaurs, and KISS [TV THIS WEEK]

The new year is upon us. Luckily, so are a few new specials and TV programs. So, in between all of your auld-lang-syning, be sure to tune in!

Dec 15, 2010

The Top 5 Ladies Men On TV Today

Previously, we brought you the 5 Sexiest Sitcom Stars of All-Time and the 10 Best Bros on Television. Now, not all the bros on that list could get with those sexy sitcom stars, but THESE 5 fictional ladies men of TV Land would definitely get the job done. Take note of their seduction methods and watch your Q score skyrocket. Who's #1? Find out after the jump!

Oct 25, 2010

TV This Week: Zombies, Werewolves, and Amityville

This week in television will bring you plenty of creepiness and a little bit of reality. So, tune in and freak out.

Oct 11, 2010

TV This Week: Cheerleaders, Ghosts, and Mad Men

It’s another big week, guys. The big thing this week? Mad Men finale. However, there are still plenty of other...

Jul 26, 2010

TV This Week: Reality Premiere-a-palooza

This week is all about the premieres. While it's almost entirely reality shows, there is one good drama out there for you reality haters. Either way, your TV is bound to get a workout this week.

Jul 23, 2010

The Mad-Hot Women of Mad Men Season 4

With four Golden Globes, a BAFTA ,and eight Emmys already under its belt, AMC’s Mad Men is still one of the hottest shows on television. And to go along with all their critical acclaim, the show stars some of televisions hottest leading ladies. So with the fourth season starting on July 25th, we’ve decided to reintroduce you to the mad-hot women of Mad Men.

Jul 23, 2010

Mad Men’s Abigail Spencer [Gallery]

Pictures of Mad Men’s sexy Abigail Spencer....

Jul 19, 2010

TV This Week: Ladies and (Mad) Men

It's a good week for you, guys. This week has some awesome premieres, finales, and a few cool specials. So whether you're looking to rock out to KISS, find out what's making some women have 100 orgasms a day, or catch up with your old pal Don Draper, this week's got you covered.

Jun 3, 2010

The 10 Summer Shows You Have to Watch

This summer is hot. Maybe outside, too, but let's face facts: it's what's inside that counts. And this summer's television schedule is sure to heat up your screen. Dates and times are subject to change, so check your local listings.

Aug 17, 2009

The Mad-Hot Women of Mad Men

With three Golden Globes, a BAFTA and six Emmys already under its belt, AMC's Mad Men is one of the hottest shows on television. And to go along with all their critical acclaim, the show stars some of televisions hottest leading ladies. So with the third season having just started up, we've decided to get you more familiar with all the mad-hot women of Mad Men.

Aug 17, 2009

Mad Men’s Alison Brie [Gallery]

Hot pics of Mad Men’s gorgeous Alison Brie....

Aug 17, 2009

Mad Men’s Peyton List [Gallery]

Hot photos of Mad Men‘s  Peyton List....

Aug 17, 2009

Mad Men’s Melinda McGraw [Gallery]

Shots of Mad Men’s amazingly sexy Melinda McGraw....

Aug 17, 2009

Mad Men’s Maggie Siff [Gallery]

  Photos of Mad Men’s smoldering Maggie Siff....

Aug 17, 2009

Mad Men’s Julie McNiven [Gallery]

Photos of Mad Men‘s Hildy and Supernatural‘s sexy fallen angel Anna, the gorgeous Julie McNiven....

Aug 17, 2009

Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss [Gallery]

Photos of Mad Men‘s secretary-turned-copywriter Elizabeth Moss....

Aug 17, 2009

Mad Men’s January Jones [Gallery]

Sexy photos of Mad Men’s stunning January Jones ....

Aug 17, 2009

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks [Gallery]

Pictures of Mad Men’s maddeningly sexy Christina Hendricks....

Apr 17, 2009

COED Magazine Presents Midgets vs Mascots World Premiere Party

On Saturday, April 25th COED Magazine is hosting a pre-party for the World Premiere of Midgets vs. Mascots at the Tribeca Film Festival starring Gary Coleman, Scottie Pippin, Ron Jeremy and others. Pre-party info: The pre-party, hosted by the film's stars NBA legend Scottie Pippin & Gary Coleman will kick off at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Pourhouse.