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  • The Man Who Invented the AK-47 Has Died

    The AK-47 is without a doubt the most widely used firearm in the world today. It’s the weapon of choice for just abo…

  • Charlie Sheen and 10 Other Marijuana Strains Named After Famous People

    First Chuck Norris, now Charlie Sheen? Reports are running rampant that several California marijuana dispensaries are now selling a strain of KB named after the ninja warrior with the Adonis DNA and tiger blood. Contrary to Charlie stating it isn't available, now it is and it's a big hit. But, don't people realize that if you try the drug called "Charlie Sheen" once, you will die, your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body? So, put down your sword and come join the masses who've shown their violent love for these marijuana strains named after celebrities. See the list after the jump!

  • Chuck Norris and 9 Other Marijuana Strains Named After Famous People

    Recently, Californian Marijuana Dispensaries have introduced a savage new strain of Medicinal Marijuana named, "Chuck Norris Black and Blue Dream." Why the name? Because it's said to have quite a kick! The Estate of the Norris has already made it clear that permission was never given to use his exalted name, though they haven’t said whether legal action will be taken. Why they chose to incite the wrath of The Norris is beyond me. But it is about time he had his own strain, whether or not he endorses it. This got us thinking about other strains named after famous people. Here are 9 more buds!