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    TV This Week: Ladies and (Mad) Men

    It's a good week for you, guys. This week has some awesome premieres, finales, and a few cool specials. So whether you're looking to rock out to KISS, find out what's making some women have 100 orgasms a day, or catch up with your old pal Don Draper, this week's got you covered.

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    TV This Week: Entourage, ABC’s Premieres, and Soccer Moms

    Just when you think summer would start to cool off, it's heating up even more. This week brings us many television options. Most notably, ABC is rolling out many of its summer premieres this week. So forget the beach and lay out in front of the TV instead.

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    TV This Week: Premieres, Specials, and Mexican Wrestling

    The summer season is really starting to heat up. This week brings us lots of premieres, a few specials, and some great television viewing. Sit back and enjoy! Make sure you tune into "Dhani Tackles the Globe" on Travel Channel where Linebacker Dhani Jones tries la Lucha Libre in Mexico City. It's like American professional wrestling, but cooler (i.e., there are often dwarves involved).

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    The 10 Summer Shows You Have to Watch

    This summer is hot. Maybe outside, too, but let's face facts: it's what's inside that counts. And this summer's television schedule is sure to heat up your screen. Dates and times are subject to change, so check your local listings.

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    TV This Week: Finalepalooza, Week 2

    We're back with more finales this week, folks. If last week's finale-rich schedule wasn't enough for you, this week offers up even more. To get your finale fix, you might consider: 24, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Chuck and about a dozen others.

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    TV This Week: Finales, Friday Night Lights, and Tom Hank’s Son

    The word of the week is "finale." This week, the following shows are airing their season finales: The Marriage Ref, The Mentalist, One Tree Hill, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Kitchen Nightmares, Ricky Gervais Show, Miami Medical, Cleveland Show, Family Guy, Minute to Win It, Celebrity Apprentice, Fringe, Bones, Castle, House, The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town, 90210, Gossip Girl, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock, V, CSI, The Simpsons, Grey's Anatomy.

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    TV This Week: Dating, Drama, and Dwarves

    Most of your usual shows are new again this week. However, these little gems may prove more captivating. So grab that remote and your snack of choice and dive in.

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    10 Female Shows That Guys Secretly Like Watching

    Men love to thump their chest, scratch whatever they feel like, drink beer, and eat meat of all kinds. We love football and fights. Whenever we see scantily clad babes we can’t help but smile. And we also love chick shows? We can’t openly admit it or we’d have to turn in our Man Cards, but some of those television shows that are wives and girlfriends make us watch are not half bad.

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    TV This Week: Death Worms, Dudesons, and Bear Grylls

    A lot of your favorites are new this week. Lost, V, Modern family, Castle, House, FlashForward, 24, Big Bang Theory, American Idol, NCIS, Glee, Survivor, CSI, Fringe, Bones, The Office, The Simpsons, Family Guy and countless others are new this week. But why not have a look at these other little gems you may not have noticed?

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    TV This Week: A Week of Weirdness

    What this week lacks in popular TV programs, it makes up for in strange TV programs. A lot of your favorites are rocking the repeats this week, leaving a gaping hole in your television viewing schedule. Perhaps you should try something peculiar to satisfy your lust for new'll have plenty of options.

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    TV This Week: Massive Monday Premieres and Other Excitement

    It's a big week, folks. There are premieres, made-for-TV treats, and more. So turn on your TV and get watching!

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    TV This Week: Finales, Premieres, and Swimsuit Models

    With so much good TV this week we've decided to give you an overview of what to watch, what to skip and what to TiVO.

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    The Science of “Lost” Explained

    Unless you’ve already traveled to the future and figured out how Lost will end, chances are you’re trying to put this puz…

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    “LOST” is Found! 5 Reasons to Watch “Lost”

    Tuesday, February 2, marks the final season premiere Lost. For five seasons, Lost has been teaching us important lesso…

  • Thank You Shaq For Beach Volleyball Butts [PICS]

    We made a vow here at COED to stay far away from the ridiculousness that is Shaq's Big Challenge. But when the backsides of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh were pushing up against the inside of my flatscreen while flipping across ABC, all I could do was watch. Great television? No. Great opportunity to pay tribute to the butts of The Greatest Sport on Earth? Absolutely.

  • Jimmy Kimmel Has Giant Balls [Video]

    This week, Jimmy Kimmel delivered this presentation to the ABC upfronts, the network executives and high-paying advertisers, and let's just say he ripped pretty much everybody a new one. As you'll see, the bit was well received, with plenty of laughter. But if you really listen to what he said...

  • Game 6 Of The 2008 NBA Finals Starts Right Now – Enjoy Celtics Dancers!

    Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals begins in tonight (9PM EST) on ABC. The Celtics are heavy favorites, and in the event they win…

  • ABC’s Cavemen: Terrible as Expected

    When a network ditches their first attempt at shooting a pilot, you would assume their shiny new rendition would be clea…

  • ABC’s “Cavemen” Series to Debut October 2

    Although early buzz has it pegged as a monumental flop, ABC is still going forward with Cavemen, a series based on the pop…