Charlie Hart

Charlie Hart

MISS COED July 24th, 2013

Charlie is a beautiful 20-year-old model and San Antonio native here to represent for the A&M Aggies. It’s not everyday that we get to show y’all SEC heat, so we’re happy to add Charlie to our list of Miss COEDs currently attending college.

When she’s not shooting or studying, you’re more than likely to find this German/Middle Easter hottie hanging out with her dog by the pool.

Check out her photos and stats below. If you’re feeling generous, you can also check out her Amazon Wishlist here.

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  • Age:
  • Hometown:
    San Antonio, TX
  • Current Location:
    College Station, TX
  • School:
    Texas A&M
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:



I spend a lot of time with my puppy taking her to the dog park. I wish I could say I live this crazy high paced life but I’m really just your normal college girl you see in class! I hang out with my friends a lot going to the pool and such. When I get around some hills I love to go hiking and get myself lost in the setting.


  • 1.   Turn-ons:
    I love a guy who immediately shows he is a gentleman. I’m an old-fashioned Texas gal so I love it when a guy does little things like open the door for me and let me choose the radio station.
  • 2.   Turn-offs:
    Arrogance!! Ugh, please no. I can’t. We are all just people, all equals, don’t act like you’re better than me as I won’t act better than you.
  • 3.   Most dangerous thing you’ve ever:
    Live by myself!! No one should have let me do that. I’ve food poisoned myself a couple of times by accident…
  • 4.   Do it again:
    Sadly I’m a big girl now and forever have to live away from home.
  • 5.   Dream vacation:
    I went to Cancun for the first time a couple of months ago… oh my goodness. I’ll go anywhere with a pretty view of the ocean.
  • 6.   Favorite team:
    The Fighting Texas Aggies duh!! (A-A-A Whoop!!)
  • 7.   Best concert:
    This is going to sound super girly but Katy Perry. She was so thankful to everyone there and even went to the back of the auditorium to thank her fans.
  • 8.   Star Wars or Star Trek:
    Is House an option?
  • 9.   Dogs or cats:
    Dogs! I love my puppy! They always greet you at the door and are just so excited to see you!
  • 10.   Vine or Instagram:
    Instagram! I need to start a Vine though… maybe I’ll do that tonight!