Jessie Larson

Jessie Larson

MISS COED October 23rd, 2013

Jessie is a gorgeous 20-year-old blonde model and student living in Orange County, California. She’s studying Business Marketing at Cal State Fullerton but pays her way through school working at Hooters. Her waitressing job has also allowed her plenty of opportunity in the modeling world, and she’s done really well for herself. Jessie’s placed in numerous bikini contests and has been a big part of their national marketing campaign.

When she’s not serving you cold beers and spicy wings or rocking the hell out of a bikini, you can find Jessie near a stable–she’s a big horse girl.

Check out her photos and stats below.

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  • Age:
  • Hometown:
    Orange County, CA
  • School:
    Cal State Fullerton
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:


When I am not modeling, I work at Hooters! I have been on two hooters shot glasses, the Hottest Hooter Girls of Orange County poster, placed top 10 in many bikini contests and scored a 3rd place in one and then qualified for the regional bikini competition! I have done a voice over for Hooters 30th Anniversary National Commerical and was West Coast Hooters September 2012 girl of the month.

As hobbies, when I am not in school, studying or working, I enjoy horseback riding and have been around horses competing and training for about 10 years. I love offroading and getting muddy and dirty with my jeep and relaxing at my river house. I LOVE organizing things, baking, and then eating whatever I bake. I have a passion for traveling and hope to travel the world someday.


  • 1.   Turn-ons:
    I love a man who takes care of his body. Also, I love someone who has confidence..that is sexy!
  • 2.   Turn-offs:
    I cant stand it when a guy is too cocky, has no goals in life and cant spell.
  • 3.   Most dangerous thing you’ve done:
    The most dangerous thing I have ever done is swam with a shark when I was younger!! My mom paid .99 cents in Mexico to swim with a shark in the ocean…don’t worry, they told us he was vegetarian ;p
  • 4.   Do it again:
    Yes I would do it again! I am a risk taker :)
  • 5.   Dream vacation:
    My dream vacation is staying in a luxury hut over the water in Bora Bora. But I would be happy travelling almost anywhere!
  • 6.   Favorite team:
    I enjoy watching the Anaheim Angels play baseball but my favorite is watching the Anaheim Ducks play hockey because there is always something going on.
  • 7.   Best concert:
    The best concert I have ever been too is Stagecoach country music festival in the desert in Cali. There are so many country performers everyday, country boys, partying, and country music…you could say it was three days of heaven!!
  • 8.   Star Wars or Star Trek:
    Neither, I’d rather watch Titanic :p
  • 9.   Dogs or cats:
    Definitely dogs! I have two that I am obsessed with.
  • 10.   Vine or Instagram:
    Instagram..I love sharing my life through pictures:)