Miss COED - America's College Sweetheart
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We’ve scoured the nation to find the smartest, hottest, all-around most awesome college girls in the country, and we’re bringing them straight to you!

Divided up by conference, visitors can come back every day to place their vote for who they think should be Miss COED 2016. Finalists get a sweet gift bag complete with cash, clothing, gift cards, and additional prizes. Along with the gift pack, the winner will also receive a party on campus for her and all of her awesome supporters.

Check back daily for updates on your favorite contestants, and be sure to share the info with your followers… and have them vote too. Voting begins October 14th. The more votes the merrier and the closer that girl will be to winning the coveted title of Miss COED 2016.

Don’t you just love democracy?

America shows its pride with the AAC, but can they bring forth Miss COED 2016?
Kristi Ann Pratt AAC UCONN 1
University of Connecticut
The ACC may have the best basketball teams, but do they have what it takes to win Miss COED 2016?
Selin Melissa ACC UVA 1
University of Virginia
Tradition is important in the Big 10 conference; can they bring the Miss COED 2016 title to glory?
Stephanie Albert Big 10 University of Wisconsin 1
University of Wisconsin
Cyclones, Wildcats, Jayhawks… will Miss COED 2016 be added to the lineup?
Abbeth Lawrance Big 12 Texas Tech 1 (2)
Texas Tech University
We know Conference USA has some Southern hospitality, but do they have an awesome, Miss COED 2016 southern belle?
Cristina Martinez Conference USA University of North Texas 1
University of North Texas
Is the East Coast the best coast? Prove it by taking home the Miss COED 2016 title.
Jennifer Font Wildcard East Valencia College 1
Valencia College
Can the athletic underdogs rise to the top?
Raven Wynn MAC Northern Illinois University 1.PNG
Northern Illinois University
MWC is on the rise in terms of athletics, but do they also have what it takes to put Miss COED 2016 on their roster?
Ellie Stevens MWC SJSU 1
San Jose State University
PAC 12 may bring the heat (literally), but can they bring the Miss COED 2016 winner?
Kendra Bannister Pac 12 University of Colorado- Boulder 1
University of Colorado- Boulder
The SEC is known for their football wins, but do they have what it takes to win the Miss COED 2016 competition?
Mary Bell SEC University of Arkansas 1
University of Arkansas
Can the sunshine states deliver Miss COED 2016?
Emily Caruso Sun Belt University of Louisiana 1
University of Louisiana at Monroe
Is the West Coast the best coast? Prove it by taking home the Miss COED 2016 title.
Merlina Lopez Wildcard West Midwestern State University 1
Midwestern State University