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    As far as hometown favorites go, Victoria Pendleton just might be one of the most popular women in Great Britain at the mo…

  • Vote For The Hottest Victoria In Our Victoria Day Showdown [146 PHOTOS, POLL]

    Victoria Day is a federal Canadian holiday celebrated in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday. It's also informally considered the beginning of the summer season in Canada. While there are 21 gun salutes north of the border, here in the U.S., we salute with this photo gallery of the hottest Victorias on the planet - from Mrs. David Beckham to the woman who made us want to play BASEketball. We wanted to include Victoria Justice from iCarly since she's 18 now but we've already been to jail twice this month and didn't feel like researching dates on her Google images. We DO have a pro tennis player, an Olympic track cyclist, a WWE diva, a British pop singer, and a candidate from America's Next Top Model. Check out their pics and vote for the girl you think is hottest in our poll after the jump!

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  • 2009 MLB Playoff Predictions: Sexy Fan Edition

    Oh, October. A sweet, sweet month highlighted by the NFL and NCAAFB seasons in full swing, the NBA and NHL seasons getting underway and, of course, the MLB playoffs. The crux of the American sports universe lives here and it's a wonderful thing. The race to the Fall Classic begins today and what else for a quasi-journalist to do other than make predictions that are bound to be wrong...