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    If your memory isn’t completely shot, you probably remember Monika Pietrasinska. She’s the sexy Polish…

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  • Monika Pietrasinska Pulverizes Peens For V.O.V.A. Lingerie [18 PHOTOS]

    Monika Pietrasinska is a Polish boner-popper who BroBible has called, "The hardest working bikini model". It must be hard work for the dudes on the set of her photo shoots to not run off to the bathroom for some alone time. According to a hasty Google search that led me to Wikipedia, she's on the cover of Playboy's "Sexy Summer Girls" special edition magazine. What's great about her is she's good to go year-round. She's not a Sam Adams seasonal. Recently, pics from her shoot for Latvian lingerie maker V.O.V.A. hit the webnet and somehow it didn't blow the WWW to smithereens. Check 'em out after the jump.