Michelle Marsh

  • Page 3 Girls Spread Peace & Goodwill To All Men [58 PHOTOS] Girls

    Page 3 Girls Spread Peace & Goodwill To All Men [58 PHOTOS]

    Where would the world be without Page 3? Probably on Page 4 confused as sh*t or, at the very least, entrenched in a war to end all wars. You see, you deprive a man of simple pleasures like topless busty British glamour models and you push him ever so closer to taking out his repression on his fellow man via nuke. As we all know, Christmas is a time of peace and goodwill, so we thought we'd give you a rage-reducing gallery of Page 3 Girls in their skimpiest X-mas attire. Click through to open your gift!

  • A Kris Kringle-Approved Collection of Christmas Cleavage [68 PHOTOS] Girls

    A Kris Kringle-Approved Collection of Christmas Cleavage [68 PHOTOS]

    Boobs are a major point of contention and debate for guys. Some like 'em small, some like 'em big, while others fall somewhere in between. Me? I love 'em all! But, if I absolutely HAD to pick what size I'd like waiting for me underneath the mistletoe, I wouldn't mind if I could nosedive into a smotherlode. You haven't lived 'til you've sang Joy To The World while motorboating. Have yourself a very Merry XXX-mas with a virtual Santa's sack of frickin' huge bewb pics after the jump. Ho-ho-ho-DAMN! Dem some big-@ss t*tties!

  • 44 Hotties with Hand Bras for the Holiday Season Girls

    44 Hotties with Hand Bras for the Holiday Season

    It's beginning to get a little chilly outside, and we at COED have something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! The hand bra has not only become a phenomenon, it has also become quite the art form and let me tell you, the girls in this gallery are nothing short of a masterpiece. This gallery of hand bra hotties is sure to get to you in the holiday spirit, and if it doesn't go sit in a corner and sip on some eggnog you Debbie Downer. Check out 44 of the sexiest holiday hand bra hotties that the world has to offer, you won't regret it. Consider it an early present from COED to you...enjoy!

  • The 50 Finest Pics Of Michelle Marsh For Her 29th Birthday Girls

    The 50 Finest Pics Of Michelle Marsh For Her 29th Birthday

    September 30th is Michelle Marsh's birthday. On this day, the busty British glamour model turns 29 years young. I know I've said this before, but I can't help it - what in the holy f*ck are the women drinking in England? Lucy Pinder, Keeley Hazell, Gemma Atkinson, Danielle Lloyd, Alice Goodwin, Lindsey Strutt... they all have large natural breasts. You just don't see those kinda chests here in the U.S. Before becoming a model, Marsh worked as an assistant at a nursing home. I can only imagine how many babies' mouths suctioned to the glass divider when she walked by. To celebrate her special day, we've pulled together 50 of her hottest NON-NUDE pics. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Sexy Soccer Underboob Overdose [72 PHOTOS] Girls

    Sexy Soccer Underboob Overdose [72 PHOTOS]

    Last night, the US Men's National soccer team beat Panama to return to the CONCACAF Gold Cup Finals. They will face Mexico on Saturday, June 25th in the Rose Bowl. Many of you might not plan on watching the game at 9 P.M. EST, but we at COED are big soccer fans so we came up with a little big something you'll get a kick out of. We've compiled the ultimate All-Star squad of sexy soccer under-boobs. Their ability to take balls off their chest is second-to-none. Check out the pics after the jump.

  • Hug It Out… Bitches! It’s National Hug Day [30 Photos] Girls

    Hug It Out… Bitches! It’s National Hug Day [30 Photos]

    January 21st is National Hugging Day! Know what that means? You can finally cop a feel off that chick with the epic boobs. Just give her a hug and she should automatically give one back. If she doesn't, KEEP HUGGING. She'll get the hint. To warmly embrace this day, we've built a loving gallery of the world's very best huggers, the Page 3 Girls! Ari Gold must be doing cartwheels and you will, too, once you wrap your arms around these pics featuring Boobwiches and Tandem Boob Presses. Now... let go. Let go, dude! Jeez, you smell.

  • Page 3 Christmas Girls [58 Photos] Girls

    Page 3 Christmas Girls [58 Photos]

    For those not in the know, Page 3 is a feature in British newspaper The Sun and it consists of a topless pic of a hot glamour model. Notable Page 3 Girls include Jakki Degg, Leilani Dowding, Samantha Fox, Keeley Hazell, Jordan (aka Katie Price), Sophie Howard, Gemma Massey, Lucy Pinder, Lauren Pope, Nikkala Stott, Lindsey Strutt, Rosie Jones, and Rhian Sugden. Most of these girls also appeared in Playboy and a variety of COED articles (Women Who Wowed, Sexiest Calendars, etc.) and now you can find them in this virtual mural of merriment. WWE Divas aren't the only hot models to do Christmas!

  • Colossal Christmas Cleavage Collection [68 Photos] Girls

    Colossal Christmas Cleavage Collection [68 Photos]

    Have you seen the new Lexus commercial? The narrator bellows, "No one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift." Face it, bigger is better and America has a reputation for wanting to be the biggest and the best. There's no holiday "bigger" and more grandiose than Christmas. So, to celebrate this hefty holiday, we're placing this photo gallery of colossal Christmas cleavage under your tree. Don't act like it wasn't on your wishlist. We know you looked at our colossal cleavage collections of Katy Perry, NFL Cheerleaders, and Halloween Costumes. We reward naughtiness here at COED.

  • 44 Hot Holiday Handbras [Photos] Girls

    44 Hot Holiday Handbras [Photos]

    Face it, bras suck. No matter how much they cost or who's wearing them, 9 times out of 10 they're a real buzzkill either because they falsely advertised a pair of substandard tots or they take forever to remove. Of course, there is one exception: THE HAND BRA! We COEDitors feel we've got our thumbs on the pulse of cutting edge hand bras as seen by our previous hand bra photo galleries featuring Karla Spice, Heidi Klum, and Jessica Burciaga. So, we're lending you a hand (or two) by giving you this special holiday edition of hand bras. Never have we wanted to hear "hands off!" more than right now.