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  • Lea Michele Shows Off Her Tattoo For V Magazine [PHOTOS]

    Kids may be losing Glee in their living rooms, but we’re still gleeful that the series gave us Lea Michele. That ha…

  • The 12 Blazing Hot Ball-Droppers of The New Year’s Eve Movie [PHOTOS]

    New Year's Eve, the sh*tty spin-off to Valentine's Day, releases today (12/9). I know of 1 person who's looking forward to it, and it's my female roommate. The girls in the office have no intention of hitting up the theater. In fact, we're all wondering how something like this gets made after the travesty that was V-Day. Is it really just an excuse to hang out with other stars? How about you do that on your own time? Oh, because it rakes in millions at the box office F*ck. Well, if you do get dragged to it, at least you can eye hump the A-list T&A. Check out their sexiest pics after the jump.

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    The 25 Most Lust-Inspiring Photos Of Lea Michele For Her 25th Birthday

    August 29th is Lea Michele's birthday. On this day, the girl who plays Rachel Berry on Glee turns a quarter century old. I'll be honest, I've seen maybe 5 total seconds of that show but the actress caught my attention with her scandalous photo shoot with GQ last year. She appears on TIME magazine's 2010 list of the 100 Most Influential People In the World, placed #7 on FHM's 2010 Sexiest Women List, and ranked 28th on the Maxim 2011 Hot 100. We named her one of the 50 sexiest Jewish female celebrities and placed on our lists of the top 20 babes we want to see in Playboy and Women Who Wowed in 2010. You can see her on the big screen in New Year's Eve, which comes out in early December. Or you can check her out in our gallery after the jump.