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    It may not be the Oscars, but check out the full-sized Emmanuelle Chriqui pic that's gotten us excited about the Entourage movie...

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    [47 photos!] Men At Work wants to score high ratings for the Sweeps Period--so a character scores with Emmanuelle Chriqui as a lovely lesbian!

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    The 47 Sexiest Pics of Emmanuelle Chriqui for Her Birthday

    December 10 marks a date that Kevin Connolly (E from Entourage) will be forever grateful for. Emmanuelle Chriqui was born 34 years ago today, and if that never happened E would have never gotten to hook up with one of the hottest babes out there. For a good portion of the eight seasons Entourage lasted, E and Sloan were on again, off again, giving Connolly plenty of opportunities to get to know Chriqui on a personal level. I honestly don't know how he stayed focused over the years because Chriqui is in my opinion one of the hottest actresses out there. To wish Emmanuelle Chriqui a happy birthday, give her some love and check out her sexiest photos after the jump!

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    A Month of Mad-Sexy EMs for March [30 PHOTOS]

    Beware the Ides of March? Nah! Watch out for the Ems in March! Women with a first name that begins with "Em" - Emilys, Emmas, Emmanuelles, Emmys - are taking over the month celebrating their gender's history. Emmy Rossum looked stellar on Conan and is stunning on Showtime's "Shameless". Emily Blunt stars in "The Adjustment Bureau" opening today (March 4th) in theaters, and later this month Emily Browning will blow everyone away in "Sucker Punch". One can't forget Emma Stone or Emmanuelle Chriqui either. EMbrace all the Ems with this EMerald of a photo gallery after the jump!

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  • Emmanuelle Chriqui Takes It All Off (Kinda)

    Emmanuelle Chriqui is so hot right now! On Friday we showed you pics of her getting bootylicious in an ultra hot thong on the set of her new movie and today Allure teased us with this semi-nude photo that looks similar to Lindsay Lohan's NY Mag nude pics from back in the day.

  • Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui Gets BootyBoobalicious!

    This is it my peeps; the motherload of all Emmanuelle Chriqui hotness! These drool inducing screen caps and videos of my future ex-wife are from her latest movie, Women In Trouble, and if Emmanuelle’s bra scene doesn’t make your face melt, then her ultra hot thong scene will. Hoochie mama!