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  • Crystal Harris & the 17 Girlfriends of Hugh Hefner In Order of Hotness

    Hugh Hefner, the man who inspired thousands of women across the country to get Playboy bunny tramp stamps, announced via Twitter on Christmas Day that he's officially engaged to his one true love, Crystal Harris. In honor of his commitment to Crystal (and his obvious commitment to Viagra), we've rounded up the hottest pictures of all his known girlfriends. And while we're sure Hugh's had many more girlfriends in his 84 years, we're absolutely convinced that these 17 are the sexiest.

  • A Pictorial History of the Playboy Christmas Issue: 1953-2010

    “If you're a man between the ages of 18 and 80, Playboy is meant for you. If you like your entertainment served up with humor, sophistication and spice, Playboy will become a very special favorite." Hugh Hefner could not have been more correct. Fifty-seven years ago this month in a kitchen in Chicago, Hefner and Eldon Sellers launched Playboy Magazine and forever changed the way the world looks at women. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have compiled every December Playboy Cover printed since it's conception in 1953.