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    D’Arcy Fellona on Political Animals (10 pm EST, USA) It’s been a good week for sexy gals from commercials m…

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    Curve Presents: Who’s That Girl – D’Arcy Kate Fellona [PHOTOS]

    In advertising, “sex sells” and it’s easy to see why: Sexy people attract your attention then transfer that attention to an advertiser’s product or service. But then the 30 second spot is over and you’re left asking, “Who’s That Girl?” When my buddy told me about Quibids, I thought it was a scam. I thought no way am I buying into this... then I saw the commercial. Luckily, the cyber-Sherlocks at Who's That Hot Ad Girl have identified "The Quibids Girl" as D'Arcy Kate Fellona. Turns out she was an Eagles cheerleader. Good thing she got out of Philly before the Dream Team shat the nest. Anyway, we pulled together her hottest pics. Check 'em out in our gallery then check out how YOU can attract HER attention after the jump.