Hot Girls Amber Nichole Miller

  • Amber Nichole Miller Dresses For A Family Film (& Tito Ortiz) [PICS]

    Go to the movies with Nichole Amber Miller and Tito Ortiz--as she steals the red carpet and we check out vintage pics of the UFC Ring Girl...

  • Amber Alert: We Found The 14 Hottest Ambers On Earth [PHOTOS, POLL]

    Alerts make you take notice, that's why they exist in our world. Hot girls also make you take notice, and I'm willing to bet they share the same purpose. COED took the time to create a new, more fun version of the Amber Alert. Instead of having you look for missing children, we're bringing you the hottest grown women from around the world named Amber. Check 'em out in our slideshow then vote for the hottest in our poll after the jump.

  • 26 Most Beautiful MMA Ring Girls

    MMA's growing popularity can be attributed to the brutality, the strategy, the mind games, and bigger than life personalities. However, while beasts pummel in the ring, our eyes wander out of it - to the beauties, The Ring Girls. With WEC 52 tomorrow night and Arianny Celeste showing off her Playboy spread, we thought we'd show our appreciation for the action in between the action by presenting the 26 most beautiful MMA ring girls. Catch more MMA Ring Girls with 36 MMA Ring Girls Exposed, and MMA Ring Girl-o-Rama.

  • 36 MMA Ring Girls Exposed

    A world title will be on the line tonight when the UFC returns to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey for UFC 111: St-Pierre vs Hardy. MMA isn't for everyone so if that doesn't get your blood pumping, 36 of the hottest MMA Ring Girls certainly will.