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    The Girls of NBC’s Playboy Club [GALLERIES]

    I don't know that there's ever been a longer, more anticipated buildup to a primetime TV show about waitresses in the history of the boob tube. No, we're not talking about "2 Broke Girls", we're referencing NBC's series about the beautiful Bunnies that worked at the first ever Playboy Club in Chicago in the early '60s. Back in the spring, Amber Heard's twitpic of her in the iconic Bunny costume made us want the girl who likes girls even more. So, with "The Playboy Club" premiering tonight (Monday, 9/19), we thought we'd profile the leading ladies donning cottontails to serve up drinks, cigars, drama, and sexy time.

  • Amber Alert: We Found The 14 Hottest Ambers On Earth [PHOTOS, POLL]

    Alerts make you take notice, that's why they exist in our world. Hot girls also make you take notice, and I'm willing to bet they share the same purpose. COED took the time to create a new, more fun version of the Amber Alert. Instead of having you look for missing children, we're bringing you the hottest grown women from around the world named Amber. Check 'em out in our slideshow then vote for the hottest in our poll after the jump.

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    20 Babes We Want To See In Playboy

    During our Hugh-mongous Hugh Weekend back in April, we posted Playboy's Sexiest Celebrities 2011 list and asked you who you thought was the sexiest. The top 3 vote getters? Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, and Olivia Wilde. None of the 3 have ever posed totally nude nor have they posed for Playboy. While Playmates are hot, nothing's hotter than seeing a celebrity pictorial. Why? We don't know. Maybe because it's so rare? Maybe because it's taboo? Maybe it's the grand reveal? Whatever the reason, we decided to release our wish list of female celebs we'd like to see nude in Playboy. Check out our selections after the jump.

  • The 15 Summer Movie Smokeshows Everyone Will Be Talking About [POLL]

    It's hard to believe we are halfway through 2011 and have nothing to show for it. Is it just me or has this year felt like a waste? Enough is enough and now is time to change all that. There's no better way to turn a year around than by checking out all the pretty girls coming to theaters in the near future. This summer has so many blockbuster movies coming out, all filled with hotties, that you'll run out of money before you run out of movies to see. The beginning of 2011 starts today, my friends. Check our picks then vote for the chick that should be our #1 pick after the jump.

  • 10 Celebrity Girl-On-Girl Hook Ups We’d Like To See

    With movies like "Black Swan", "Bound", and "Mulholland Drive" exploring the psychosexual rivalry between two women, celebrity lesbianism taps into a very fundamental fantasy for most guys: girl-on-girl action. When hotties like Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis lock lips, one can't help but think of other steamy XX chromosome canoodling. Here's a list of fantasy pairings of the fairer sex we're hoping will turn into reality. You might notice a lot of these hook ups involve celebrity lookalikes or "doppelgangers". Hey, the best way to convince them to do the deed is to think of it as "self-love".

  • Amber Alert: Amber Heard is Out [96 PHOTOS]

    There's an Amber Alert in effect for all women who like women - 24 year old actress and star of Pineapple Express, Zombieland, and the upcoming Nic Cage action flick Drive Angry, Amber Heard is officially a woman who likes other women. She publicly announced her sexual orientation at a GLAAD event this past Friday evening with her girlfriend, Tasya van Ree. Here at COED, we've always heard her call, naming her our Miss COED of the Day back in January 2009 and placing her on our list of the Most Beautiful Breasts of All-Time. Why? Well, have you seen her photo shoots with GQ, Maxim, and FHM? She's hot enough to turn anyone lesbian. We already scheduled our reassignment surgeries.

  • USA Vs. Czech Republic Model Showdown

    Tonight marks one of the most highly anticipated friendly matches leading up to next month's World Cup: The US vs. The Czech Republic. While we're obviously cheering on the U.S team, we're a little more confused as to who to cheer for when it comes to deciding which country has the hottest models. Help us out by checking out the insanely sexy competition and voting on which country deserves to take home the gold for beauty.

  • Amber Heard, Drop Dead Sexy In FHM

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