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Miss COED of the Year 2014 Lauren Hanley Stuns Hot 97 NYC

Lauren Hanley started off her busy weekend on the right foot with an appearance on the Hot 97 Morning Show, along with two of the best known names in Hip Hop: Ebro (@oldmanebro) and Peter Roseberg (@Rosenbergradio). Having grown up in NYC my whole life and listening to those two guys since forever, it was awesome to see (and hear) her hanging out and shooting the you-know-what with the Morning Show crew.

While they started out talking rap, a little “Bonita Applebaum,” and Illmatic, the topic of conversation soon moved to college life and her move to Los Angeles… And then Johnny Manziel. Because of course they were going to ask about that.

Lauren told them that she originally met Johnny at an FSU party in Los Angeles, and that she considers him a “man friend.” She continued on to say that he’s a down-to-earth person who’s down to talk to anyone.

You’ll have to listen to the video above to get the whole story, but you’ll quickly see that our readers picked the right woman to win Miss COED of the Year.

Special thanks to legends Ebro and Peter for having us along. Make sure to keep checking for more on Lauren’s time here in NYC.