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Missy Tarrington

Missy’s an awesome chick and aspiring MS Paint artist who’s a perfect 10 with a sense of humor (read: unicorn status). She’s also appeared in Playboy’s ’08 issue of Girls of the Big Ten then was selected as their COED of the Week. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Communications major and is currently working in Minnesota as a marketing specialist to Kruger Farms, an outdoor sporting goods retailer. Unfortunately, they don’t sell a ‘Missy Mating Call’ – you’ll have to work on that on your own. Check out her exclusive ‘I <3 COED’ pics and others below!

Age: 26
Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Height: 5’5″ | Weight: 115
Measurements: 36-25-35
Hair color: Brown | Eye color: Blue

For more of Missy, check out her:
Official Site

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