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Brittany Ireland

Brittany is a 23 year old model from the Windy City and has attended both Miami (Ohio) University and Loyola University in Chicago. Currently she’s taking some time off to shoot and has been featured in King Magazine, Playboy, The Smoking Jacket, and Howard Stern TV. Brittany is currently single and doesn’t like slobs who don’t exercise or guys who fall in love too easily. Currently, she’s in the running for Miss Howard TV 2011, so make sure to vote for her here. Since she’s no longer dating Lance Briggs, feel free to vote with impunity.

Age: 23 | Location: Chicago, IL | Height: 5’9″ | Weight: 120 | Measurements: 38C-26-36

For more of Brittany, check her out on: Facebook | Twitter | Official Website

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