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Amber Victoria

Amber is a 22 year old model originally hailing from Houston, TX. She traded the Lone Star State for Alberta, Canada to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. After she’s done with school, Amber plans on moving back to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career. I think it’s safe to say that she’ll be just fine over there. Amber enjoys traveling and playing almost every sports. She also wants you to know that her “boobs are real.” We’re more than happy to relay that message to you. It seems as though Amber’s modeling is just getting started, so make sure to follow her Twitter and Tumblr.

We know that you guys love instant gratification, so feel free to check out her photos and stats below.

Age: 22 | Hometown: Houston, TX | Height: 5’8″ | Weight:110 | Measurements: 32-24-32

For more of Amber, check her out on: Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter

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