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Alexis Ann Boyett

Alexis is a 20 year old model originally from Southern Florida now living in Oklahoma. She claims that she just started doing photo shoots, but judging from her portfolio it seems like she’s been doing it for years. Why can’t there be girls like this that live in New York City? (Btw if any exist, please submit your photos) I’ve been living in the nation’s most populated city my whole life and I see more beauties during my job than I have in Manhattan’s bars and clubs. That’s right, I just laid down the gauntlet. Let’s go, NYC’s finest! Check out her pics and stats below.

Age: 20
Location: Tulsa, OK
Height: 5’6″ | Weight: 120
Measurements: 34-26-35
Hair color: Blue | Eye color: Green

For more of Alexis, check her out on:

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