Amanda Bynes

Jun 30, 2014

All of Amanda Bynes’ Pot Charges Have Been Dismissed

Nickelodeon-star-turned-perpetual-crazy-person Amanda Bynes overcame one of her many legal hurdles when a judge dismissed all charges related to her marijuana...

Apr 5, 2014

Amanda Bynes Is Alive & Well In Mexico (And In A Bikini) [PHOTOS]

The notorious Troubled Starlet might be an officially Former Troubled Starlet--and she celebrated her birthday while reminding us that she's all grown up...Ther

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May 30, 2013

Amanda Bynes Tells Perez Hilton to “Kill Himself”

Amanda Bynes lashes out at Perez Hilton on Twitter.

May 2, 2013

Amanda Bynes Posts Topless Selfie; Finishes What She Started [PHOTOS]

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that Amanda Bynes has gone batsh*t insane. But what you might...

Mar 22, 2013

Amanda Bynes Wants Drake to Go 1st Degree on Her V [25 PHOTOS]

Amanda Bynes has really been stepping up her social media game lately after returning to Twitter & Instagram in January....

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Sep 29, 2012

The ‘Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes Give Driving Tips’ Sketch You’ve Been Waiting For [VIDEO]

Whether or not you find this funny, at the very least it should serve as a valuable reminder that you should always watch out for Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes while driving. In that regard, it is a true public service announcement.

Hannah Davis [GALLERY]

Photos of Victoria’s Secret model Hannah Davis....

Jun 19, 2011

The 50 Sexiest Jewish Girls We Can’t ‘Passover’ [PHOTOS]

Shalom! Passover began April 18th at sunset. The 7-day celebration commemorates the liberation of ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Israelites marked their doors so death would pass over them. Most celebrate by eating Matzo, but we celebrate with a photo gallery of hot Jewish women who've freed themselves of their clothing that we just couldn't pass over. Think you can find a hotter congregation of Jewish jewels outside of Hollywood and The Holy Land? Mazel Tov, buddy!

Apr 18, 2011

66 Women Who Wowed 2010

This is about that time when every site releases their annual lists of the best and worst that went down in the calendar year. It’s a time for everyone to reflect on all the memorable moments; to place a bow on the past and send it packing as we welcome Baby New Year. For the past couple years, COED has released our annual “Women That Wowed” list (here’s 2008 and 2009). It’s a rundown of the females in pop culture who made an impression on us – whether it was for posing nude, declaring their sexuality, or for demanding oral sex. Is it always about sex? No. Some of the ladies on this list might surprise you. They sure surprised us.

Dec 16, 2010

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Dec 1, 2010

66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 9 – 1

Natalie’s always been a favorite here at COED – just look at some of our posts: we’d cast her in...

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Dec 1, 2010

66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 23 – 10

Mexico’s Hottest Sportscaster and FHM’s fifth sexiest female sports reporter caused waves when reports that the Jets harassed her before...

Dec 1, 2010

66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 37 – 24

This 25 year old UFC Ring Girl, Need To Know Personality, and Miss COED made her debut in 2006 but...

Dec 1, 2010

66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 51 – 38

This 23 year old actress first caught our eye in “Hot Tub Time Machine” back in March playing the Great...

Sep 17, 2010

Movies This Week: September 17th, 2010

This week's entries feature hmmm, I dunno, SATAN! Also releasing are flicks featuring robbers, whores, and cartoon dogs. Atone for your sins, y'all and repent like it's hot, 'cuz these previews are straight up sinful.

Mar 10, 2009

David Beckham Hates America, America Hates Beckham

Beckham Hates America, America Hates Beckham • Leighton Meester Finds A College Roomate • Double Bird Strike Game • Amanda Bynes Is Drunk, Again • Save The Polar BearsFive TV Characters We Want To Be Pals With

Feb 3, 2009

65 Best Drunk Celebrity Pictures

• 65 Best Drunk Celebrity Pictures • Amanda Bynes Gets Seriously Leggy 8 Postcards That We'd Like To See • Jennifer Hudson Lip-Synched at the Super Bowl • Baby Chimps Are Smarter Than Human Infants • Soccer's Greatest Actors

Dec 16, 2008

Halle Berry Slips You Some Boob…and The Morning Links

• Halle Berry Slips You Some Boob • 7 Comic Book Villains That Should Exist Today • Dave Matthews Band’s...

Feb 21, 2008

Is Amanda Bynes Behind “Be Kind Rewind”?

Slashfilm recently featured a video that compared Michel Gondry’s new film Be Kind Rewind to The Amanda Show, which aired...