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  • Sarah Crowley – Heptathalon – New Zealand [GALLERY]

    Sarah Crowley – Heptathalon – New Zealand [GALLERY]

    Photos of Kiwi heptathlon hottie Sarah Crowley....

  • Jessica Ennis – Heptathalon – Great Britain [GALLERY]

    Jessica Ennis – Heptathalon – Great Britain [GALLERY]

    Photos of British heptathlon babe Jessica Ennis....

  • Jessica Zelinka – Heptathalon – Canada [GALLERY]

    Jessica Zelinka – Heptathalon – Canada [GALLERY]

    Photos of cute Canadian heptathlon runner Jessica Ennis....

  • Underbutt Overdose [87 PHOTOS]

    Underbutt Overdose [87 PHOTOS]

    One might assume we're all boob guys here at COED, butt we have a deep appreciation for plump rumps as well. With the summer heat b*tch slapping everyone in sight, clothes come off at a record pace and chicks take more risks with their choice of threads. We're huge fans of the Daisy Dukes because they provide us with eye teasers like the whale tail and the underbutt. Underboob's cool and all but underbutt is something few can master. Luckily for you, we've found pics of the few, the proud, the pristine and stuffed 'em into this revealing gallery. Check it out after the jump.

  • Grit Šadeiko – Heptathlon – Estonia [GALLERY]

    Grit Šadeiko – Heptathlon – Estonia [GALLERY]

    Photos of Estonian heptathlon runner Grit Šadeiko. ...

  • Heather Marter of MTV’s Real World Facebook Photos Revealed

    Heather Marter of MTV’s Real World Facebook Photos Revealed

    The 4th hottest Real Worlder of all-time has hooked up with a fellow female castmate and a dude who used to be in softcore gay porn, so you know she's gotta be wild. We could honestly have made a gallery devoted to her bonging beers out of different tools: pool noodles, whiffle ball bats, beer bongs, paint sticks... the list goes on. Instead, we decided to unleash the fury, Mitch, with all her craziest Facebook photos. It's easy to see why MTV picked her to go to Sin City. Check out the wild child's pics after the jump.

  • 16 Sexiest Female Golfers For National Golf Month [POLL]

    16 Sexiest Female Golfers For National Golf Month [POLL]

    Heads up: August is National Golf Month. Sure, you can celebrate by sweating your balls off through 18 holes, but your partners are probably only good for carrying beers. OR you could tee off with COED and we'll show you our 16 sexiest golfers. We don't mind playing behind these ladies. You'll see why after the jump. Fore!

  • Saluting The Sexiest Natural Milkmakers for World Breastfeeding Week [65 PHOTOS]

    Saluting The Sexiest Natural Milkmakers for World Breastfeeding Week [65 PHOTOS]

    Christmas came early this year because World Breastfeeding Week takes place the first week in August. While breastfeeding in public becomes a major hot button topic in the political forum (we're for it, btw... as long as she has nice cans), we thought we'd draw attention to the very best of breastfeedees? Breastfeeders? The ones that give life with their lady lumps. Keep in mind, most women with enhanced or fake breasts might not be able to breastfeed, so if you're into shaking what you mother gave ya, you're in the right place. Check out the sexiest natural sweater puppies in our gallery that will make you cry 'gaga' after the jump.

  • Monika Sozanska [GALLERY]

    Monika Sozanska [GALLERY]

    Photos of German fencing fox Monika Sozanska....

  • Sylwia Gruchala [GALLERY]

    Sylwia Gruchala [GALLERY]

    Photos of Poland’s foxy fencer Sylwia Gruchala....

  • Mariel Zagunis [GALLERY]

    Mariel Zagunis [GALLERY]

    Photos of foxy fencer Mariel Zagunis....

  • Belinda Kerr [6 PICS] {GALLERY}

    Belinda Kerr [6 PICS] {GALLERY}


  • Selena Gomez Got Back [8 Bikini Photos]

    Selena Gomez Got Back [8 Bikini Photos]

    Before I saw these shots, I never really cared too much to look at Selena Gomez. Now I realize how stupid I can be. The best part about these photos that I got so lost in her butt that I completely forgot about that other chick she's dating. I need to start hanging out by pools more often. Check out my new favorite bikini pics after the jump!

  • Marta Pihan-Kulesza Gallery

    Marta Pihan-Kulesza Gallery


  • Giulia Steingruber Gallery

    Giulia Steingruber Gallery


  • Olga Kharlan [GALLERY]

    Olga Kharlan [GALLERY]

    Photos of Ukranian fencer Olga Kharlan will rattle your saber....

  • Elisabeth Seitz Gallery

    Elisabeth Seitz Gallery


  • Alejandra Benitez [GALLERY]

    Alejandra Benitez [GALLERY]

    Foxy photos of Venezuelan fencer Alejandra Benitez....

  • Mara Navarria [GALLERY]

    Mara Navarria [GALLERY]

    Phtos of Italian fencer Mara Navarria....

  • Violetta Kolobova [GALLERY]

    Violetta Kolobova [GALLERY]

    Photos of Russian fencer Violetta Kolobova....

  • Brittany Rogers Gallery

    Brittany Rogers Gallery


  • Beth Tweddle Gallery

    Beth Tweddle Gallery


  • Vanessa Ferrari Gallery

    Vanessa Ferrari Gallery


  • Hannah Whelan Gallery

    Hannah Whelan Gallery


  • Imogen Cairns Gallery

    Imogen Cairns Gallery


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