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  • Stacee Michelle May: Miss COED

    Stacee Michelle May: Miss COED

    Coming to us from Ontario, Canada, say hello to today's Miss COED, Stacee Michelle May!

  • Kaitlin Chapple: Miss COED

    Kaitlin Chapple: Miss COED

    Today's Miss COED is Kaitlin Chapple from Vancouver, BC! When she’s not modeling and rooting for the Women's Canadian Hockey Team, Kaitlin loves the outdoors and the proof is in her sexy photos!

  • Hillary Ramos: Miss COED

    Hillary Ramos: Miss COED

    When Hillary's not modeling, this proud Michigan State grad is usually at the beach working on her tan and challenging strangers to roller blade races!

  • Melissa Kat: Miss COED

    Melissa Kat: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is Melissa Kat! This Florida girl recently graduated from Florida Gulf Coast (Go DUNK CITY!)

  • Markeshia Thomas: Miss COED

    Markeshia Thomas: Miss COED

    Say hello to today’s Miss COED Markeshia Thomas! This California girl is driven to become a doctor, but also loves just lounging and watching movies. We’d definitely sit through a bad chick flick if she was watching by our side!

  • Claudia Emanuels: Miss COED

    Claudia Emanuels: Miss COED

    Step up to the plate and say hi to today’s Miss COED Claudia Emanuels! Claudia is baseball-crazy, especially for her hometown Miami Marlins.

  • Dottie Bun: Miss COED

    Dottie Bun: Miss COED

    Say hello to today’s Miss COED Dottie Bun! Dottie loves to dance, even though she thinks she looks goofy doing it.

  • Kerrye Petrik: Miss COED

    Kerrye Petrik: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is the beautiful Kerrye Petrik! She’s completing her degree in Health Science and planning to go to advanced nursing school.

  • April Nicole: Miss COED

    April Nicole: Miss COED

    Say howdy to today’s Miss COED April Nicole! April has lived in southern Wisconsin her entire life and spends her non-modeling time working on a farm.

  • Mecca Madison: Miss COED

    Mecca Madison: Miss COED

    Say hello to today’s Miss COED Mecca Madison! Mecca’s heritage is an amazing mix of Sicilian, Native American, Jamaican, and Latin.

  • Alexis Naiomi: Miss COED

    Alexis Naiomi: Miss COED

    We’d love to drift away with today’s Miss COED Alexis Naiomi! This San Diego native has moves on the dance floor and is into drifting! How. Hot. Is. That?! Alexis currently attends San Diego State University - Go Aztecs!

  • Lane Elizabeth: Miss COED

    Lane Elizabeth: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is the beautiful Lane Elizabeth! Born and raised in Dallas, where she still currently resides, Lane truly has it all.

  • Sarah Lindner: Miss COED

    Sarah Lindner: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is Sarah Lindner, a Russian-Australian beauty hailing from Long Island. She’s also a fashion blogger with a huge following, so you’d better look good if you want to impress her!

  • Karmen Moon: Miss COED

    Karmen Moon: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is Karmen Moon, a bad-ass b*tch from Boston who definitely brings something different to the modeling world--red hair, curves, and tattoos!

  • Heather Dutchess: Miss COED

    Heather Dutchess: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED Heather Dutchess was born and raised in Chicago. She placed 4th in the worldwide Playboy Miss Social competition and represented the Babes of the MMA at the UFC.

  • Nikki Cole Wins Miss COED July 2014 [PHOTOS]

    Nikki Cole Wins Miss COED July 2014 [PHOTOS]

    Congratulations to Nikki Cole, winner of Miss COED July 2014. Not only was Nikki able to put her Philadelphia fan base to work to earn...

  • Ashley Hale: Miss COED

    Ashley Hale: Miss COED

    Ashley Hale is a true beauty with a perfectly curvy figure, seductive look, and experience under her belt!

  • MaKayla Givens: Miss COED

    MaKayla Givens: Miss COED

    This Louisiana hottie loves her football, husky, and curling up with a good book. We especially love her sexy photos!

  • Kelly Jensen: Miss COED

    Kelly Jensen: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is Kelly Jensen from Michigan and she loves everything Detroit!

  • Kassidy Stewart: Miss COED

    Kassidy Stewart: Miss COED

    Happy 4th of July! We can't think of anything more American than today's Miss COED Kassidy Stewart!

  • Ashlee Gilbert: Miss COED

    Ashlee Gilbert: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is Ashlee Gilbert from Mesa, AZ!

  • Gabrielle Gilbertson: Miss COED

    Gabrielle Gilbertson: Miss COED

    All the way from Alaska, today’s Miss COED Gabrielle Gilbertson is a sexy smarty pants.

  • Amanda Caceres: Miss COED

    Amanda Caceres: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is Amanda Caceres coming to us from Miami, FL.

  • Samara Redway: Miss COED

    Samara Redway: Miss COED

    Say hi to our friendly neighbor to the north, Samara Redway!

  • Ilana Morrison: Miss COED

    Ilana Morrison: Miss COED

    Hailing from Oswego, Illinois, this diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan is super into pole fitness - get a glimpse of her moves below!

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