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  • Amilee Turner: Miss COED

    Amilee Turner: Miss COED

    Today’s marvelous midwestern Miss COED is the beautiful Amilee Turner! In addition to modeling, Amilee is also a fashion designer...

  • Debernise Curran: Miss COED

    Debernise Curran: Miss COED

    Say hello to today’s magnificent Miss COED, the delectable Debernise Curran! Debernise was born and raised in Puerto Rico before moving to LA four year ago...

  • Jace Williams: Miss COED

    Jace Williams: Miss COED

    Step up to the plate and meet today’s Miss COED, the gorgeous Jace Williams! Jace attended Cal Berkeley on a full softball scholarship...

  • Tamara Anne: Miss COED

    Tamara Anne: Miss COED

    Say hello to today’s stunning Miss COED, the tantalizing Tamara Anne! Tamara is an unabashed lover of karaoke...

  • Aiko Christine: Miss COED

    Aiko Christine: Miss COED

    We’re heading to the Pacific Northwest for today’s Miss COED, the alluring Aiko Christine! Aiko is a former cheerleader for the Gonzaga Bulldogs...

  • Crystal Foster: Miss COED

    Crystal Foster: Miss COED

    Say hello to today's beautiful Miss COED, the captivating Crystal Foster! Crystal is an esthetician and brand ambassador...

  • Amber Lee: Miss COED

    Amber Lee: Miss COED

    Get ready for today's Miss COED, the amazing Amber Lee! Amber just graduated from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts...

  • Alissa Arden: Miss COED

    Alissa Arden: Miss COED

    Get to know today’s Miss COED, the alluring Alissa Arden! Alissa was raised in Texas and loves all the natural beauty the state has to offer...

  • Katie Blair Wins Miss COED October 2014 [PHOTOS]

    Katie Blair Wins Miss COED October 2014 [PHOTOS]

    The votes have been counted and the staff at COED is excited to announce Katie Blair as Miss COED October 2014. Congratulations, Katie! You certainly...

  • Michele King: Miss COED

    Michele King: Miss COED

    Today we’re hitting the slopes with our breathtaking Miss COED Michele King! This ski bunny loves all types of outdoor adventure...

  • Tara Mullins: Miss COED

    Tara Mullins: Miss COED

    Say hello to today’s ravishing Miss COED, the beautiful Tara Mullins! Tara holds degrees in Marketing and Biology and is currently working on her Masters degree...

  • Rebecca Carter: Miss COED

    Rebecca Carter: Miss COED

    Today's Miss COED is the ravishing Rebecca Carter! Rebecca is a student at UNC-Wilmington where she is majoring in psychology...

  • Kelly Knox: Miss COED

    Kelly Knox: Miss COED

    Get to know today’s beautiful Miss COED, the radiant Kelly Knox! Kelly loves to do anything outdoors involving water and lives in Virginia Beach...

  • Alysson Holt: Miss COED

    Alysson Holt: Miss COED

    Say hello to today's beautiful Miss COED, the amazing Alysson Holt! Alysson grew up in the Northwest and is obsessed with her Seattle Seahawks...

  • Sasha Isabella: Miss COED

    Sasha Isabella: Miss COED

    Head to sunny L.A. and say hello to today’s Miss COED, the stunning Sasha Isabella! Sasha currently attends California State University, Monterrey Bay.

  • Who Should Be Miss COED October 2014? [PHOTOS + POLL]

    Who Should Be Miss COED October 2014? [PHOTOS + POLL]

    We love every Miss COED from the past month, but unfortunately only one can claim the title of Miss COED October 2014. That’s just the...

  • Emily Weiss: Miss COED

    Emily Weiss: Miss COED

    Today’s Miss COED is the incredible Emily Weiss! Emily is not only beautiful, but she’s also a talented mechanic. That’s good because after we saw her pics our engines were overheated!

  • Brittany Guilfoyle: Miss COED

    Brittany Guilfoyle: Miss COED

    Get to know today’s mesmerizing Miss COED, the beautiful Brittany Guilfoyle! Brittany is originally from New Jersey and now lives in South Carolina.

  • Alexis Brielle: Miss COED

    Alexis Brielle: Miss COED

    Today's Miss COED is the awesome Alexis Brielle! Alexis is studying nursing... which is good, because we needed medical attention after seeing how hot her pics were!

  • Nicolette Gokey: Miss COED

    Nicolette Gokey: Miss COED

    Get to know today’s exquisite Miss COED, the bewitching Nicolette Gokey! Nicolette is a licensed cosmetologist and owner of her own clothing boutique.

  • Megan Cash: Miss COED

    Megan Cash: Miss COED

    We’re completely enchanted by today’s Miss COED, the magnetic Megan Cash! Megan is originally from Brampton, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom and moved to the U.S. just last year.

  • Katie Blair: Miss COED

    Katie Blair: Miss COED

    Head to Music City and say hello to today’s Miss COED, the killer Katie Blair! Katie is a practicing nurse, which is very lucky for us — after we saw her dangerous curves, we needed to be revived!

  • Sindel Barnes: Miss COED

    Sindel Barnes: Miss COED

    Say hello to today’s Miss COED, the sultry Sindel Barnes! We've never met anyone with that name before, which is fitting because we've rarely seen pictures this hot either!

  • Maricsa Sanchez: Miss COED

    Maricsa Sanchez: Miss COED

    Take a walk down Bourbon Street with today’s Miss COED, the magnificent Maricsa Sanchez! This New Orleans hottie loves going out with her friends.

  • Katie Danzer: Miss COED

    Katie Danzer: Miss COED

    Head to the desert and say hello to today’s Miss COED, the beautiful Katie Danzer! Katie resides in Phoenix, and the only thing hotter than the weather there is her scorching collection of pics!

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