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  • Miss COED: Tiffany Anne H

    21-year-old Tiffany is California born and raised and has been in front of the camera since she was 16 years-old. Her favorite words are Sunshine and Fluffy and she enjoys the beach more than anything on Earth.

  • Miss COED: Ariana Diabla

    Attention all models, if you submit photos to us we will feature you on COED. 21-year-old half-Brazilian and half-Russian model Ariana Diabla dropped us an email all the way from her hometown of Toronto, Canada over the weekend saying that she has plenty of photos that would get our readers "hearts racing, and palms sweating," we totally agree...she is as cool as the other side of the pillow!

  • Miss COED: Lisa Michelle S

    23-year-old Lisa Michelle from Bay Shore, New York made her first appearance on COED back in February when we featured Howard Stern's Miss Howard TV of the Year voting. She was crowned Miss Howard TV February 2008 by the radio legend and her photoshoot pictures can be viewed right here. Now it is her turn to be a featured Miss COED model!

  • Miss COED: Sumlee Anderson

    Sumlee Anderson is a smokin' hot Thai, German, and Swedish hybrid from California who has been in the modeling game for nearly a decade. She is a very out going look on life and lives by the motto, "I'd rather my enviroment be the product of me, than be the product of my enviroment."

  • Miss COED: Jasmine Dustin

    Jasmine Dustin is from a little town in New Hampshire called Auburn. After high school she packed it up and moved to Los Angeles to focus on her modeling career. Things have been good so far, Jasmine has spent time in Paris and London and her acting career is starting to take off.

  • Miss COED: Charlie Kristine

    Charlie Kristine of Temecula, California is a skateboarder at heart with model good looks. In fact she even has a custom designed ultra sexy skate deck available online, Tony hawk would be so proud! Charlie is a self proclaimed "adventurous" person and as you'll see from her photos, loves hand bras, side boobs, tape bras and covering up with various elements that don't involve clothing at all.

  • Miss COED: Lorissa A

    Lorissa is so blazing hot that your computer screen might melt while looking at her pictures. This 28-year-old sex bomb recently relocated to the Nevada desert and is looking for modeling gigs in Sin City. With her incredible body and unique tattoo work she would have no problem becoming a Suicide Girl model.

  • Jessie Shannon Crowned Miss COED November 2009

    Congratulations, Jessie Shannon – you’ve just been named Miss COED November 2009! The competition was tough, but after thousands of votes in the first round, Jessie beat out 18 girls to enter the Final Four. In the last round of voting, she topped California stunner Sarah Rae, followed by blonde bombshell Nikki Gray and the ridiculously sexy Shannon Czyz to take the title of Miss COED November 2009.

  • Miss COED: Missy Robinson

    What do we say about Missy? There isn't too much information about her on the internet but we do know that she resides in Orlando and she was recently featured by Playboy as a Cyber Girl.

  • Miss COED: Cat Anne

    The only thing we know about this uber-sexy brunette bombshell is that she's 25-years-old, from Birmingham, Alabama. Besides that, we just have to guess. So, we're guessing that she also likes expensive shoes, has a football player boyfriend (or maybe an MMA fighter?), gets into clubs free, and her farts smell like cotton candy rainbows. Not so sure about that last one, but if you're lucky enough to find out the truth, you're already in good shape...

  • Miss COED: Tia Maria

    This smokin'-hot amasian is 26-year-old fashion and bikini model, Tia Maria. She was born in the Philippines, and moved back and forth between Italy and her homeland. Eventually, she moved to West Hollywood, California, where her career really took off. Most of her work has been for high fashion shoots that we don't really understand. But that doesn't make her any less hot!

  • Miss COED November 2009: Final Four

    Gentlemen, thousands of you have voted for Miss COED November 2009, and now we’ve narrowed it down to the Final Four. Heading-up the final round of voting is mid-Western smokeshow Jessie Shannon. Next up, California stunner Sarah Rae, followed by blonde bombshell Nikki Gray and the ridiculously sexy Shannon Czyz! So get to voting for your favorite Miss COED of November 2009...

  • Miss COED: Yari Lozada

    Meet sultry brunette stunner, Yari Lozada. Hailing from classy Edison, New Jersey, this hottie spends her time showing off her rocking bod for fashion, glamour and lingerie shoots. Unfortunately, that's just about all we know about this smokeshow. But be honest, you're not really in this for the bio, are you?

  • Miss COED: Aimee Mackenzie

    There are so many smokin' babes from Cananda, just check out our Sexy CFL Cheerleaders if you don't believe me. Add this 29-year-old Vancouver hottie to the running list of Canadian hotties that will eventually appear on COED.

  • Miss COED: Jen Kraus

    Jen Kraus has to be one of the sexiest girls in all of greater Chicago. This 29-year-old model likes doing conservative photoshoots but as you will see from her Miss COED gallery she isn't afraid to be sexy, seductive and sultry.

  • Miss COED: Rosalee Ochoa

    Sweet Titty Jesus, have we got a hottie for you today! This bodacious brunette is 18-year-old fashion and bikini model, Rosalee Ochoa. She is extremely new to the modeling game, with only a few shoots under her belt, so the only thing we really know about her is that she is from Salt Lake City, Utah, and needs to take a hell of a lot more pictures like these!

  • Miss COED: Erin McKinnon

    It's not often that you see the lead picture for one of our Miss COEDs featuring the model in a *gasp* t-shirt. But with looks this good, super-hottie Erin McKinnon could be wearing a roadkill jumpsuit and we'd be turned on. This 25-year-old brunette bombshell was Maxim's Hometown Hottie winner for 2007, was a top 50 dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance"...

  • Miss COED November 2009 Showdown – Vote Now!

    We work hard to bring you the hottest girls from around the world every day with our Miss COEDs. But now it’s time we find out who’s the hottest of them all! We’re putting every Miss COED from the past month head-to-head to decide Miss COED of the Month. This time, we’re crowing Miss COED November 2009!

  • Miss COED: Rachael Michelle

    One of the hottest models on the block, 23-year-old brunette beauty, Rachael Michelle does everything an attractive young lady should be doing, like acting in feature films, or showing off her super-awesome bod on websites and in the pages of magazines like Maxim as a Top 10 "Hometown Hotties" contestant. You know, that kind of stuff...

  • Miss COED: Sivan Krispin

    When you first look at Israeli-American model, Sivan Krispin, the first thing you probably think is, “Sweet Titty Jesus, look at that body!” But you might not guess that growing up, Sivan was known as the “skinny, flat-chested girl.” Well, luckily for us all that was just a phase. The sultry stunner has been featured on a wide variety of sites, including Playboy.com. But we think she deserves a hell of a lot more exposure. Don't you think?

  • Miss COED: Jessie Shannon

    Twenty-three-year-old hottie, Jessie Shannon is a bikini and glamour pinup model from glamorous Detroit, Michigan. She's only been modeling for a fairly short time, but she's already landed a couple of magazine covers, as well as working for a wide variety of photographers. But if you ask us, a smokeshow like this shouldn't ever go unnoticed.

  • Miss COED: Kristy Ann

    Wow! Just... wow. This impossibly bodacious blonde bombshell is 29-year-old glamour and bikini model, Kristy Ann. Needless to say, this smokin' hottie has appeared pretty much everywhere a girl who's willing to strip down to (nearly) nothing can pop up - places like Playboy, Maxim, Bullz-Eye.com and American Curves.

  • Miss COED: Brittney Lynn

    If all you knew about this girl was her name, you'd probably imagine exactly the bodacious blonde hottie to which it belongs. Brittney Lynn is a 22-year-old glamour and fashion model from Orlando, Florida. She's been modeling a few years, and has appeared in a wide variety of publications, from promotions to the pages of FHM.com's Digital Darlings.

  • Miss COED: Amy Irvine

    Hailing from not-so-sunny London, England, 18-year-old British beauty, Amy Irvine is a glamour, fashion and music video model with enough tight-bodied hotness to take down a herd of full-grown bison. The sexy stunner has appeared in a variety of magazines and other publications, as well as a few music videos. But if you ask us, that's only just the beginning.

  • Bryci Lea Crowned Miss COED October 2009

    Congratulations, Bryci Lea – you’ve just been named Miss COED October 2009! The competition was tough, but after thousands of votes in the first round, Bryci beat out 20 girls to enter the Final Four. In the last round of voting, she topped New Hampshire super hottie, Valerie Cormier, followed by brunette stunner Sonni Pacheco and the ridiculously sexy blonde Christy West to take the title of Miss COED October 2009.

  • Miss COED: Connie Avila

    Twenty-one-year-old brunette beauty, Connie Avila might just be the perfect woman. For starters - just freakin' look at her! She has to be one of the sexiest women we've had on the pages of Miss COED of all-time. Not only that, but this 100-percent Mexican hottie, born in South-Central L.A. is super easy-going, has tattoos and loves to play video games. Are you in love yet?

  • Miss COED: Tianna Ta

    Is there anything a ridiculously hot Asian chick can't do? Well, if actress and bikini model, Tianna Ta is any indication, that'd be a big, fat no! The 23-year-old New Yorker has appeared everywhere from MTV to Maxim. She's been featured in tons of magazines and other publications. And with looks like hers, the attention doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

  • Miss COED: Sarah Rae

    In the future, when everyone can choose exactly how to look, down to the last detail, we recommend using bikini and glamour model, Sarah Rae as a template for the women. This 27-year-old super-stunner from Huntington Beach, CA has run the hot girl gamut, from Hooters to Coors Light girl to showing off her awesome bod in the pages of Maxim. So, ladies, you have that to look forward to...

  • Miss COED: Lyrian Cavazos

    This tight-bodied hottie is none other than 24-year-old actress and bikini, fashion and glamour model, Lyrian Cavazos. Hailing from Houston, Texas, the bodacious brunette has only been in the modeling game for a couple of years now, so she's yet to land any of the big magazines. But with eyes like that, she's sure to catch someone's attention.

  • Miss COED October 2009: Final Four

    Gentlemen, thousands of you have voted for Miss COED October 2009, and now we’ve narrowed it down to the Final Four. Heading-up the final round of voting is Bryci Lea. So get to voting for your favorite Miss COED of October 2009 and the winner will be announced on Thursday the 15th!

  • Miss COED: Lauryn Bocook

    Twenty-year-old sultry super-hottie, Lauryn Bocook is a glamour, bikini and fashion model from sunny Jacksonville, Florida. And that's pretty much all we know about this little hottie. But that's ok. Sometimes we like to just use our imaginations. That's better than some boring bio, anyway. Don't you think?

  • Miss COED: Elise

    Hailing from England, this miraculously sexy babe, who goes by simply, "Elise," is another of the amazingly busty Brits, sporting an all-natural 30E cup! She started modeling at 16, and really started to make headway in the modeling game at 18. But she's not just about getting her picture taken. Elise said her hobbies include "cars, computer gaming, pole dancing, tenpin bowling, swimming, scuba diving, drawing, fashion, reptiles and dragons."

  • Miss COED: Melissa Anne Mercedes

    Hailing from North Vancouver, British Columbia, 23-year-old brunette super-hottie, Melissa Anne Mercedes is a lingerie and glamour model rocking her way up the hotness ladder. Melissa is "an exotic mix of Cuban,Chinese British and German," and loves to surf. She's appeared on tons of lingerie websites and in some men's magazines, and is currently in the running for a Playboy reality show.

  • Miss COED: Christy West

    We feature a ton of different types of women here at COED. And by "a ton of different types," we mean unrealistically hot models, cheerleaders (who are basically models with spirit), and hot partiers who might as well be models because they're so freakin' smokin'. The point is, even if we've had our fair share of super-hot blondes with big fake boobs and do-me eyes, you really can't go wrong with this combination.

  • Miss COED: Bryci Lea

    Anyone who's spent much time looking for hot chicks to, um, have some me-time with has salivated over teaser shots of bodacious brunette glamour model, Bryci Lea. But just because her pics often pop up on porn sites doesn't mean she's a porn star - she's not. But she does get naked from time to time! Talk about a happy medium.