Miss COED - page 3

  • Rachel Smith: Miss COED

    Get warmed up with this gorgeous Miss Michigan who's currently coming to you from sunny Miami!

  • Haily Lynn: Miss COED

    Haily is a gorgeous 21-year-old model currently living down in Gainesville, FL.

  • Sadie May: Miss COED

    Sadie is a gorgeous 23-year-old model, actress, and musician currently living out in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Kayla Lyons: Miss COED

    Check out the return of the Miss COED who's not just a model--but also a model talent scout! Boy, did we go into the wrong business...

  • Marissa Danish: Miss COED

    Marissa is a gorgeous fitness model and NFL Cheerleader for the Jacksonville ROAR.

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  • Jacky Kvicky: Miss COED

    Jacky is a sexy 22-year-old California model who's coming to you from Huntington Beach.

  • Kayla Lewis: Miss COED

    Kayla is a gorgeous 19-year-old blonde coming to you from Los Angeles, California.

  • Christen Dye: Miss COED

    Christen is a stone cold stunner coming to you from Dallas, TX.

  • Morgan Hubers: Miss COED

    Morgan is a gorgeous 19-year-old model/student currently attending Loyola Marymount University where she's earning her degree in business marketing.

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  • Hunter Denoyelles: Miss COED

    Hunter is a beautiful 18-year-old model/actress/student who’s coming to you from sunny Florida.

  • Ashley Heinrichs: Miss COED

    Ashley is a gorgeous 21-year-old model and marks a welcome return to Canadian Miss COEDs.

  • Jessica Jones: Miss COED

    Jessica is a gorgeous 25-year-old model/actress/dancer coming to you from sunny Florida.

  • Brittany Brosky: Miss COED

    Brittany is a gorgeous 21-year-old Psychology major and reigning Miss East Tennessee 2014.

  • Jayde Rossi: Miss COED

    Jayde Rossi is a gorgeous Californian actress and model coming to you all the way from Los Angeles.

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  • Candice Lorraine: Miss COED

    Candice is a gorgeous 21-year-old model coming to you from Los Angeles, California.

  • Christy Turner: Miss COED

    Am I crazy or does Christy resemble a much, much hotter version of Debra Morgan, Dexter‘s sister?

  • Alicia Eckenroth: Miss COED

    Alicia is a 24-year-old blonde model/bartender coming to you from Wyomissing, PA.

  • Melissa Norman: Miss COED

    Melissa Norman is a beautiful 25-year-old model currently representing the Buckeye State, Iowa.

  • Katie DeLuca: Miss COED

    Katie is a gorgeous model who's currently living in Miami, FL.

  • Brittany Aufderheide: Miss COED

    Brittany is an absolutely gorgeous 25-year-old model/actress originally from Florida who now represents Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Susana Sofia: Miss COED

    Susana is a gorgeous 22-year-old model originally hailing from Portugal but who now calls Connecticut her home.

  • Kaitlyn Kennedy: Miss COED

    Right from the moment we saw her on Instagram we knew that we had to get her onboard to be a Miss COED.

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  • Abigail Ratchford: Miss COED

    Abigail is a beautiful 21-year-old model currently living in Pennsylvania.

  • Cami Webb: Miss COED

    Born in Gatlinburg, TN, Cami now resides in Orlando where she’s involved in all sorts of different projects that range from commercial acting, to writing, to modeling.

  • Katie Hall: Miss COED

    Katie is a sexy bikini model who also doubles as personal trainer and fitness coach down in Florida.

  • Wioletta Pawluk: Miss COED

    Wioletta is an absolutely gorgeous model currently living in NYC and a good friend of ours here at COED.

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  • Courtney Barnum: Miss COED

    Courtney is a gorgeous 19-year-old model and apple of our eye who's coming to you from... Apple Valley, CA.

  • Tereska Jelinkova: Miss COED

    Tereska is an absolutely gorgeous 25-year-old model originally hailing from Prague.

  • Alyssa Moore: Miss COED

    She's majoring in Health Information Management at The University of Kansas--and we've never felt healthier!

  • Carly Fridell: Miss COED

    Carly's a big fan of the Chargers, which makes sense because she’s so (drumroll please…) electrifying.