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  • July 4th Jamz: An Essential Holiday Playlist

    To celebrate the day George Washington and his homies decided to hop in the drop-top and do a drive-by on England, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest July 4th jamz ever.

  • Pretty Lights Releases New Album ‘A Color Map Of The Sun’ For Free

    Pretty Lights, the scientifically chillest electronic producer in the game today, just released his brand-new dou…

  • The Hottest Rave Fairies Of Electric Forest 2013 [PHOTOS]

    This past weekend was Electric Forest, an EDM camping festival way out in the woods of Michigan. Featuring the sights an…

  • Monday Mixtape: An Essential Mix From Juan Maclean

    Pop in your headphones, listen and remember it's a short work week.

  • Watch This Pudgy White Dude Cover Daft Punk On A Looping Machine [VIDEO]

    This guy wants to be Reggie Watts on the looping machine, and his face is almost as funny looking…

  • 7 Reasons Why This This Weekend Won’t Suck [6/28 - 6/30]

    Another uneventful weekend is hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles just waiting to break free of its invisi…

  • Pierce Fulton Releases New Remix Of Atlas Genius ‘Symptoms’

    That’s right, two music posts in two days. We’re not trying to set any records here at COED but considering…

  • Daft Punk Is Srteaming Their 10-Minute Remix Of ‘Get Lucky’ On Spotify

    Truthfully, I'm not too sure how I feel about the actual song.

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    11 Greatest Bromances of All Time

    There’s no greater love than the love between bros.

  • The Hot Chicks Of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2013 [PHOTOS]

    As far as big electronic music festivals in the United States go there are two big fish: Ultra (in Miami, FL) and Electron…

  • 5 Reasons You Need to Attend Pitchfork Music Festival This Year [PHOTOS]

    Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival is a mere 24 days away (yay!), and we’re so excited to attend as first-…

  • Monday Mixtape: Dancing with DJ Martial & ‘Manhattan Magazine’

    A little Monday desk dancing action never hurt anyone.

  • Learn From These Dudes: The Key Of Awesome [VIDEO]

    The Key Of Awesome guys know how to parody pop music, and they’ll take down your precious Mumford and Sons right in…

  • All My Friends Made A Cool Video [VIDEO]

    A really effective way for a band to break out is with a really good video…

  • 27 Photos to Celebrate Lana Del Rey’s 27th Birthday

    Happy birthday Lana Del Rey! The babelicious singer turns 27 today, so in honor of her officially entering her late 20s,…

  • Drake Was Rejected From Entering The Miami Heat Locker Room [VIDEO]

    First off, hat tip to the Miami Heat. Winning a title like that cannot be easy. Speaking of “not easy” appar…

  • 20 Rap Lyrics to Live By

    We’ve compiled a few choice pieces of wisdom from hip hop’s greatest minds to help you find the truest and most blinged-out path to enlightenment.

  • Scott Disick Kills It In This American Psycho Parody For ‘Yeezus’ [VIDEO]

    To promote Kanye's album "Yeezus" that dropped today, Scott reimagines a famous scene from everybody's favorite 80's time piece "American Psycho."

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    11 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [June 17 - 20]

    Don't think about jumping just yet - read about what's happening this week instead.

  • Monday Mixtape: Trip Out With Spectrum Spools

    If you’re feeling a little groggy on this Monday morning, just know you’re not alone. If too many weekend c…

  • 2 Chainz Got Robbed, Now Named 1 Chain [VIDEO]

    The rapper was held up at gunpoint in San Francisco with his posse and he ran like a bitch…

  • Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins Get Turn’t Up With ‘Seven Notes’ Event

    “No one buys a Maserati because they have to… They buy one because they want to.” That’s the q…

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    9 Reasons Why This Weekend Won’t Suck [6/14 - 6/16]

    After spending a hard week trying not to starve and move back in with your parents, you're ready to take full advantage of your down time.

  • Dead Quiet Parties. College Kids Made It Happen.

    Dead Quiet Parties. Ever hear of it? Me neither, well, until now and I have to admit it sounds like an intriguing time. We&…

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    8 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [6/10-6/13]

    We can help make the work week go faster.

  • The Dirty Dancers Of Governor’s Ball 2013 [PHOTOS]

    Governor’s Ball 2013 (or the Mud Bowl as it should probably now be named) happened this weekend despite the whole…

  • Monday Playlist: Jazzy Summer Fun

    DJ Jazzy Jeff will brighten your Monday.

  • Miley Cyrus Twerks on Stage with Juicy J

    And in twerking news, Miley Cyrus took a turn at the Juicy J show last night. Supposedly Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose pushed…

  • This Kid’s MC Name Should Be “Young Lil Honky” [VIDEO]

    Yeah he can flow quick, but he has the same nonsense lyrics that have plagued white rappers since the Beastie Boys…

  • Nine Inch Nails Releases New Song ‘Came Back Haunted’

    There's a new Nine Inch Nails song out, and some people are going to hate it. Frankly, I kind of dig it.

  • We Play #FindMissCOED With Alisha Louise And Get Ripped At Summer Jam XX [PHOTOS + RECAP]

    Hot 97′s SummerJam was the place to be if you’re a fan of rap, R&B, or hip hop culture. Hopefully more th…

  • Monday Playlist: Make Your Soul Clap

    A little soul will brighten your dreary Monday.

  • Watch The 20th Hot 97 Summer Jam Livestream Here [VIDEO]

    HOT97 LIVE Are you stuck at home missing the 20th Anniversary Show of Hot 97′s Summer Jam? No worries, we’v…