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  • Miss COED: Alexis Ann Boyett [28 PICS]

    Alexis is a 20 year old model originally from Southern Florida now living in Oklahoma. She claims that she just started doing photo shoots, but judging from her portfolio it seems like she's been doing it for years. Why can't there be girls like this that live in New York City? (Btw if any exist, please submit your photos) I've been living in the nation's most populated city my whole life and I see more beauties during my job than I have in Manhattan's bars and clubs. That's right, I just laid down the gauntlet. Let's go, NYC's finest! Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Tiffany Crystal [21 PICS]

    Tiffany's a 24-year-old model from Orlando, FL who was one of Orlando rock station WJRR's homegrown hotties.  She also recently shot a wine commercial, the outtakes of which you can see here. This sultry model describes herself as a girl who enjoys live music more than clubbing and running around naked more than being clothed. "If God didn't want me naked, I wouldn't have been born that way." Amen, sister. She's also an amazing blogger, be sure to read her Tumblr after you check out her pics and stats after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Dina Pandzic [9 PICS]

    Dina's a 19-year-old model who was born in Bosnia, but now lives in Toronto. Right now, she's studying cosmetology and hopes to be an esthetician (someone who specializes in beautifying the skin, duh). Judging from some of her interviews, it seems as though she is more of a quiet girl. While I prefer a partier, I'm sure I'd make an exception for this bombshell, eh. Check out her pictures and stats after the jump, ya hosers!

  • Miss COED: Margaux Macgregor [14 PICS]

    Margaux's a 24 year old LA girl. She's done print ads for Nike, Diesel, and Juicy Couture. Additionally, Margaux can be seen tightening up her abs (not that she needs it) in infomercials for the Abs Transformer and the Ab Rocket. What's most impressive about her is that in a state like California that's filled with slammin' models and actress wanna-bes, she managed to be Miss California USA top-10 Finalist in 2009. Whenever we hear her name, we think of that clip from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Check out her pictures and stats after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Katie Bierdz [24 PICS, VIDEO]

    Katie's a 23 year old California girl. While she's done promotions for more parties than I can count, she currently can be seen every Sunday in Las Vegas at the F**k Me I'm Famous party at Wet Republic Ultra Lounge. Among her photo shoots have been the Rockstar Energy Calendar, Krown Magazine, and a few No Fear shoots. When she's not looking ridiculously hot in front of a camera, she enjoys the outdoors and kickboxing. So, don't mess with her... at least outside. Check out this hottie's pics and stats after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Lana Gastello [18 PICS]

    Lana's a 23 year old from Stockton, CA. She's posed in SHOW magazine as well as Nifty Magazine's Spring Swimsuit/Lingerie Issue. You can also see her on FKN Famous, Wrockette, and NuTek Speed. According to Lana, one of the perks she loves most about modeling is that she gets to attend parties at the Playboy Mansion - and here I thought my job had benefits. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

  • Miss COED Doomsday Edition: Lacey Arrington [21 PICS]

    Happy Doomsday Eve! To celebrate such a wonderful day I bring you today's Miss COED, Lacey Arrington. Lacey is a 22-year-old All-American girl from Arkansas. She's done a lot of promoting most notably for Axe, Wheat Thins, Xbox 360, and Sirius XM. Lacey says she loves R&B music but suffers from Haptodysphoria - a fear of corduroy and velvet. That's cool, because I'm a Denim Dan. We can't think of a better way to celebrate the end of the world than with her pics. See ya in hell, suckers!

  • Miss COED: Cristina Andres [21 PICS]

    Today's Miss COED is Cristina Andres, a 21 year old from Greenville, MI. She has done internet shoots for Got2bWireless and Look Swimwear and her profile says that she speaks fluent English and Russian. If you're like me, none of what was written except for that last factoid is important. There is just something really attractive to me about Eastern European girls - its probably because you can order them online as 'brides.' I'm not even sure if Cristina is Russian, but we can be sure that she's pretty hot. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Kam Reens [14 PICS]

    Today's Miss COED is Kam Reens, a 22-year-old model from Killeen, TX. Every day, I spend hours combing the internet for fine models to present to our readers. Most of the time, these girls post on their profiles that they're 'girly girls' or that they enjoy 'clothes.' Kam skips the BS and cuts right to the chase, "HOBBIES - Paintball, Sky Diving, and being an adrenaline junky." Word, Kam. Check out this X-tremely hot girl's pics and stats after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Olga Vaykova [18 PICS]

    We welcome you back from the weekend with today's Miss COED, Olga Vaykova. Olga is a 24 year old Russian living in New York City. Even in New York which is packed full of attractive international models, Olga manages to stand out. Though the Cold War is over, we can easily see Olga seducing secrets out of our country's top personnel. Plus, she could be swearing her face off in Russian at us and we'd still get all warm and fuzzy inside. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Elizabeth Marxs [34 PICS]

    Elizabeth's a 19-year-old model who lives in Houston, TX. Some of her pics were actually featured in our Girls of Houston, Texas feature but they just weren't enough. Actually, there NEVER can be enough photos of her! Some of the publications that agree are Vintage Kittens and Playboy's the Smoking Jacket. In fact, she's set to be Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week in the near future. This metal music-loving headbanger will have you banging your head over her hotness. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Jenny Ryan [17 PICS]

    Today's Miss Coed is 23 year old Ms. Jenny Ryan. Jenny lives in Las Vegas right now and works as a promotional model supervisor. As you can see, she clearly knows the business - Jenny's a hot model herself. She's posed in Skimboard Magazine, Boss, and Top Pair. I have a fantasy that her job as a 'model supervisor' is similar to what Jonah Hill and P Diddy had to do in Get Him to the Greek - she has to party really hard with her models and mind f*ck them into doing their job. If that's not her responsibility, it should be. Check out her pics and stats after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Katie Sue [40 PICS]

    Today's Miss COED is Katie Sue, a 25 year old bombshell from the Hamptons, NY. She's an experienced model and has been featured on Maxim's Hometown Hottie (April '07), Curves Magazine (June '07) and was the first place winner for Miss Hawaiian Tropic International (May '07). When she's not modeling, Katie likes to read during the day and then parties like an animal at night with the likes of Vida Guerra and Tera Patrick. She has her Master's in Forensic Psychology, so... yeah. Don't f*ck with her. Please don't let that dissuade you from looking at her pics and stats after the jump because ignoring them is also criminal.

  • Miss COED: Elyssa [19 PICS]

    Elyssa's a 21 year old model and graduate of San California State University, San Bernardino who's currently living in LA. She's been featured on HINcity.com, Savvy.com, IGN.com, in addition to appearing in an Aveeno TV commercial, and a spread in the Turkish edition of Esquire. After shooting with Surfer magazine, the publication stated she had "the world's most beautiful legs". Her official website reassures our shorter readers not to be scared, "I may be tall, but I'm not out of reach." Well I'm sure we all hope that this is true, but until that becomes a reality, check out her stats and pics after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Aly Nicole [8 PICS]

    Aly's a 19 year old from Orlando, FL who doubles as a paralegal. Although this girl is looking to expand her modeling career she's already been a finalist for Playboy's Miss Social (March '11) and was one of FHM's High Street Honeys. When Aly isn't turning the heads of her firm's partners, she's busy getting down on Xbox Live (unfortunately gamertag not provided) and loves to play first person shooters. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

  • Who Should Be Miss COED May 2011? [POLL]

    Last week, we crowned Ysani Agurcia as Miss COED April 2011. This month, our finalists for Miss COED May 2011 are Ally Vasic, Amanda Kay, Jessica Robinson, and Leanna Decker. It looks like another tough decision for you COED readers. Check out their profiles and vote in our poll after the jump.Last week, we crowned Ysani Agurcia as Miss COED April 2011. This month, our finalists for Miss COED May 2011 are Ally Vasic, Amanda Kay, Jessica Robinson, and Leanna Decker. It looks like another tough decision for you COED readers. It also looks like the first time we've had 2 redheads in the running for COED of the Month. Who says blondes have all the fun! Check out their profiles and vote in our poll after the jump. Cue David Bowie's "Pressure".

  • Miss COED: Michaela Purcell [35 PICS]

    Michaela is a 24 year old model living in San Francisco. She's been on the cover of Glammodelz and has even been used as a model for the video game Margarita Wrestling. Because it's one of the first beautiful days here outside of our office, I'm itching for the weekend and I know you are, too. Michaela's enormous... gallery is a great way to get our party started a little early. My gift to you. Check out her pics and stats after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Yael Markovich [14 PICS]

    Today's Miss COED is Yael Markovich, a fiery Israeli who has been a Hawaiian Tropics model and was a semi-finalist in Maxim's Hometown Hottie (2009). She also has been in Couples Retreat, CSI Miami, and Entourage as well as a few music videos like Pitbull's 'Blanco'. While I'm sure there are many other interesting facts about Yael, particularly eye-catching is something on her official site. If you click on the 'Wishlist' link and send her a gift certificate, she'll send you an autographed personal photo in the lingerie she bought with it. You could choose makeup instead, but we're guessing you won't. Check out more of her pictures and stats after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Lindsey Rose [24 PICS]

    Lindsey Rose is a 20 year old girl from the northern New Jersey and studies there as well. Honestly, every time I post the Miss COED and find out that she's a student, I immediately wonder what classes she's taking. Not because I doubt her learning aptitude or drive to be a scholar, but because I should have been taking those f*cking classes. Enough about my mistakes, let's concentrate on some of the world's successes. Take, for example, Lindsey's au-natural hottie body. Check out more of her pictures and stats after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Jennifer Mason [21 PICS]

    Jennifer Mason (Ms. Jennifer Mason to you) is a 23 year old model / actress / music video girl. She's shaken it with Soulja Boy, Pitbull, Black Dada and Ray J and Swazy Styles. Judging by the picture above and the way she treats Soulja Boy (she's the girl who hands SB the drink and the smoke), this girl really knows how to treat a guy. Jennifer's also been on the shows The Glades and Burn Notice. That last one doesn't surpise us at all because, wait for it, of what a hottie she is. Check out some more of her pictures and stats after the jump!

  • Miss COED April 2011 Is…

    A few weeks ago, we asked you to vote for who should be Miss COED April 2011. Your choices were Ysania Agurcia, Erika Jacobs, Nadia Marcella, and Laura Colleen. Each of these ladies is a winner in our book, but only one could triumph. The winner took 39% of the total votes. This 22 year old Morganette and Hooters Girl parties at the Playboy Mansion when she's not serving sunshine and smiles at Marquee nightclub. She's one of Maxim's Holiday Hotties and was named Kaboom Magazine's October 2010 Bombshell of the Month. Who is she? Find out after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Julie Ann Dokowicz [14 PICS]

    Julie Ann's a 22 year old lass originally hailing from Adelaide, Australia. She's now stateside and has been working in the entertainment industry for almost 11 years. This talented beauty not only models, but is a singer and dancer/choreographer. Julie Ann was in the Top 20 for Miss California USA as well as FHM's Girl Next Door competition. When she's not modeling, this girl holds it down behind the bar - pouring belly shots for all who want. Well, that last part's not true but we can certainly dream can't we? Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Lauren Leigh [14 PICS]

    Lauren's a 23 year old model living in Chicago, IL. She's been featured in Playboy's Lingerie (Feb '10), Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door, the Chicago Bikini Team, and American Curves. Lauren's also been on the cover of BMW Performance Magazine and even had a role in the Dark Knight. When Lauren's not modeling, she loves to travel and even worked at Playboy's 50th Anniversary Party in Macau, China. She's also a pretty athletic chick, snowboarding and horseback riding whenever possible. I don't know about you, but I've never wanted to be a horse so badly. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Lindsey Knight [12 PICS]

    Lindsey's a 24 year old model from Indianapolis now living in Hermosa Beach, California. She's been featured in the Russian edition of Penthouse, Krown magazine, and on Peddg.com, BettiePage.com, and X103.com. She's also done a handful of shoots for TeaseUm, and was named "Miss Hoosier Hottie" 2009 and "Miss Certified Knockout" 2008 in addition to being a finalist for Miss Caribbean Tan. When she's not modeling, she can be seen working the ring as a card girl for the UFL or partying at the Playboy Mansion in bodypaint. Here's a fun fact: Her grandma, June Cochrane, was Miss December 1962 as well as Playmate of the Year 1963. Let's hope she follows in her family's footsteps. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Joyce Jones [19 PICS]

    Joyce is a 24 year old model and actress from Las Vegas, Nevada who's currently pursuing her bachelors degree. She's been in advanced theater and drama since she was 12 and competed in the Miss Nevada USA 2009 beauty pageant. In addition to appearing in a commercial for Brigdestone Tires, her other credits include parts on CSI Las Vegas and Prison Break, extra work in "Race To Witch Mountain", and "21", and appearances in music videos for Rascal Flatts "Why Wait", Teairra Mari's "Cause a Scene", Katy Perry's "Waking Up in Vegas", and Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop". She was also an official spokesmodel for Maloof's Money Cup Skateboarding Champaionghip, which aired on CBS, NBC, MTV2, and FUEL. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Chelsea Brooke Pereira [19 PICS]

    Chelsea's a 19 year old Brazilian, Portuguese, French and Norwegian model and actress from Costa Mesa, California who's pursuing her degree in Merchandise Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California. She's a self-described foodie listing cooking and eating as her favorite things to do. She used to teach cooking classes full time and she loves Hip Hop dancing. She's posed for Playboy's "Student Bodies" magazine (link NSFW) and is currently competing to be Girls Gone Wild's Hottest Girl in America so make sure to vote for her. Her stats and pics are after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Amanda Kay [24 PICS]

    Amanda's a 19-year-old model from Seattle, WA. She's a mix of Japanese and Irish, which is a dynamite combination to be sure. On her ModelMayhem profile, she states she's "very motivated and passionate about modeling" and "a little bit of sexy, a little bit of sweet, enthusiastic, friendly, open minded, and extremely reliable." Since there's absolutely ZERO records of her anywhere on the interwebs, I'll just say this: Seattle's suicide rate among dudes should drop to negative eleventy upon seeing her pics! Put down the razor and check 'em out below.

  • Miss COED: Leanna Decker [16 PICS]

    Leanna's a 19 year old model from Ashland, Kentucky who will be appearing in an upcoming Playboy pictorial. Though she's not related to Brooklyn, we expect her to reach similar heights in the world of lookin' wonderful. She states on her Model Mayhem profile that she's serious about her career and her boobs are real. With a naturally voluptuous figure, she should have no problems attracting serious attention. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Oksana Perun [26 PICS]

    Oksana's a 22 year old Ukrainian model currently living in Brooklyn. I did a double take when I saw she had red hair and blue eyes. That's the most patriotic model I've ever seen... and she's not even American born. I'd be shocked if she's not in the upcoming Captain America flick. For a hot NY minute, I thought she was a gymnast and though she probably isn't, that fantasy isn't going away anytime soon. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Montana Marks [22 PICS]

    Montana's a 22 year old model and actress from Furlong, PA who's graduating this spring with honors from Penn State University. She's appeared in a Britney Spears Radiance commercial with photographer, Diana Levine, TV shows such as MTV’s The Seven, CW's Gossip Girls, and HBO's How to Make It In America. She's also been featured on CollegeMansion, PhillyFit magazine and in calendars for the Girls of the Service Industry 2011, Campus Girls USA's Girls of the Big Ten 2010, and Bud Light's 2011 Mega Brand edition. She's obsessed with Kit Kats and Chuck Palahniuk. Uh, duh - Kit Kat commercial with Chuck Palahniuk... hottest, most subversive ad for a food product ever. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Alison Dahlstrom [21 PICS]

    Alison's a 23 year old model, actress, singer, ballet dancer and novice children's book writer/illustrator who was Miss San Francisco Bay Area 2008. At the age of 17, she won 2nd place in a national C-SPAN student competition for directing, editing, and narrating a documentary. She's been featured in SuperModels Unlimited (in addition to being named their Supermodel of the Year in 2008) and Emerging Magazine. Talk about a real underachiever. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Who Should Be Miss COED April 2011?

    Last month, we crowned Kari Nautique as our Miss COED March 2011. This month, our four finalists are Ysania Agurcia, Erika Jacobs, Nadia Marcella, and Laura Colleen. Each of these ladies has got it goin' on, so we don't envy you guys for having to vote for the one who should be our Miss COED April 2011. See their stats and pics below then vote in the poll at the bottom. Try not to think about how disappointed you'll make 3 fine ass women when you do.

  • Miss COED: Megan Daniels [31 PICS]

    Megan, who used to go by the name Destiny, is a 24 year old model from Huntington, California who's appeared on the covers of the February 2011 issue of American Curves (see the full photo gallery here), KrownStrobe, Outlaw Biker, Obscene, Unleashed, and Tattoo Feverwerk. You might remember we featured her as our Daily Snapshot back in early August 2009. Check out her stats and pics after the jump.

  • Miss COED: Kelsi Rose [22 PICS]

    Kelsi's a 21 year old model, go-go dancer and make up artist from Las Vegas, Nevada who loves to create art in addition to road trips with her girls, rollercoasters. She describes herself as a girly girl and "hippie at heart". She's been featured on Spiffycats.com and enjoys hanging out with her family, watching movies, and cuddling. Hey, as long as dad doesn't mind spooning I'm cool with it. Check out her stats and pics after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Amber Hay [14 PICS]

    Amber's a 23 year old model and actress who was born in Oahu, Hawaii and now lives in L.A. You might remember her from the YouTube hit, "Paris in Jail". Glamour Magazine ranked her one of 2007’s LOL Women of The Year. She's posed for Playboy and has graced the cover of the premier issue of Girls Gone Wild Magazine. Her TV credits include parts on Entourage, Lost, True Blood, Reno 911, and celebrity guest host duties on Best Damn Sports Show. Film credits include bit roles in Walk Hard, Oceans 13, Beerfest, Still Waiting, Hot Tub Time Machine, and You, Me and Dupree. Hay's not just for horses. See her stats and pics after the jump!