Hilarious Parody Points Out That The iPhone X Is Essentially A Dementor

Apple was up to their old tricks at their latest event at the Steve Jobs theatre, not only unveiling the iPhone 8 (pretty much a more expensive iPhone 7) but the game-changing iPhone X as well.

While the iPhone X certainly is a marvelous piece of technology, some of its most advanced new features are a little, uh, concerning, to say the least — namely, the whole face-scanning feature.

Sure, the new facial recognition may be more “convenient” than punching in a 4-digit pin, but at what cost are we willing to pay for convenience? Call me a little too woke on this one, but back when Apple introduced the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone, my first thought was “Great, now Apple knows who exactly is using their product and where exactly they are” and now that concern has been doubled.

And whoever made this hilarious parody seemed to agree as they likened the new iPhone X to the soul-sucking dementor from Harry Potter.

Am I going to eventually cop this iPhone X? Of course, what do I look like, a neanderthal? But am I also quite uncomfortable with how much their technology is increasingly reliant om personal identification? Very much so.

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