WATCH: Kate Beckinsale Talk To Jimmy Kimmel About Sending Nude Pictures To Her Mom

Kate Beckinsale is an English actress that ages like fine wine. The 44-year-old hottie appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss an issue that might not be safe for work (NSFW). Apparently, Kate came across a photo of a gang-bang on Reddit, and it appeared as if her beautiful face was photo-shopped on the mug of a porn star. So, how does one come to terms with such vulgarity and blatant slander against her good name?

Beckinsale decided to send the raunchy photo-shopped nude photos to her dear old mum. Of course, this is absolutely normal behavior.

WATCH: Kate Beckinsale Sent Nude Pictures To Her Mom

Kate’s mother tried her best to rationalize the situation. “That can’t be Kate,” she’s probably thinking. “She doesn’t have that type of floor.” However, she fails to mention six gentlemen going to town on her daughter. What doesn’t shock mom is shocking…

WATCH: Kate Beckinsale Sent Nude Pictures To Her Mom

Here’s Kate as she tries to relate to a public that is loaded with unsightly nudes in their hard-drives:

Damn, does she still have that pic?

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