National Nude Hiking Day Photos: Must-See Pictures

Yesterday was National Nude Hiking Day which is apparently a thing and I’m disappointed I didn’t know about it. Despite a ban on the activity put in place by park authorities in Colorado, many took to the hills to celebrate because people are awesome.

Rangers had warned hikers that they could be kicked off public land and even fined if they took part in the June 21 event, but that obviously didn’t stop anyone from shedding clothes and posting photos. Thank the lord for their bravery because now we get to enjoy their hard fought efforts.

One woman showed herself at the top of Caleb Peak in Connecticut wearing little more than a backpack (respect). Her caption boldly read: “Couldn’t resist.” I might be in love.

Another group of friends in Pine Grove Furnace State Park appeared 100% in their birthday suits in front of a store. Gotta respect the balls to pull that one off (pun intended).

The photos came flooding in despite warnings from Colorado Parks and Wildlife that nude trekkers could be ticketed for indecent exposure.

A spokesman told Denver 7: “We would ask them to leave or put on clothing.”

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) said it would intervene if other park users were disturbed by the practice. BLM public affairs specialist said, “Anyone participating should remember that state and county law apply on public lands, as well.”

The U.S. should take a page out of Germany’s book as they have set up special walking trails for nudists.

In the meantime, enjoy the best photos from the day.

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