New Footage Released From Kate Upton’s 2017 ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Shoot

Kate Upton continues kicking ass and taking names, as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit just dropped a scorching video from her 2017 shoot. The previously unseen footage was uploaded to SI Swimsuit’s Instagram page today, and all I can say is that it’s about goddamn time! Keeping such beauty to themselves for so long was totally unfair. They’ve been depriving the world of a great gift reminiscent of when Brennan Huff was too afraid to share his angelic voice.

Without further ado, here’s a new video from Kate’s 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot. Justin Verlander is one lucky, lucky man

New footage from @kateupton's steamy #SISwim 2017 shoot is out Friday treat to you! 👙 | @tourismfiji @vomoislandfiji #FijiNow

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I only have two complaints in regards to the video. Number one is that it’s not a feature length film that will be shown in 3-D at movie theaters across the country. And number two is that atrocious music. If SI swipes out that trash with “Careless Whisper,” the video goes from an A- to an A+++. There’s no sexier combo than soulful sax and gratuitous cleavage.

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