Grandma Catches Fire In Amazing Pop-A-Shot Display


As far as I’m concerned, Pop-A-Shot basketball is hands down the GOAT when it comes to arcade games. You can take your pinball machines, claw games, and all that other junk and shove it. There is no better feeling on this planet than catching fire in Pop-A-Shot, hitting bucket after bucket with the rapid fire rhythm of Animal on a drum kit.

No one knows that feeling quite like this baller ass grandma. I don’t have much background info on┬áthis mysterious hoops legend, except that she could easily supplement her social security checks by hustling chumps at her local arcade. Watch her put on a shooting display for the ages in the video below.

In my very best NBA Jam announcer voice, SHE’S ON FIRE!!! That was unbelievable. By my count, she hit 22 shots in a row and 22 out of 24 overall, which is an efficiency that would make even Kevin Durant blush.

Any chance she’s related to this internet legend?

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