WATCH: This Serbian B-Ball Player Dunked Instead Of Shooting A Free Throw And We’re Glad He Did

Everyone knows that basketball is an international game. It may have been invented in America, but there’s a reason why Amare Stoudemire is playing in Israel and Carlos Boozer is playing in China right now. BasketballĀ is everywhere, which means players have no excuses for not knowing basic rules.

We’re not entirely sure if a lack of understanding is to blame for a Serbian player inexplicably dunking during a free throw attempt, but it’s the best explanation we can come up with. It’s either that or this dude just flat out gives zero f—-.

Andrija Bojic’s Jaszbereny team was down and he was struggling at the charity stripe when he decided to shake things up. You know what, words don’t do it justice, take a look below.

The creative choice came during a game in the Hungary A Division league on Sunday. Unsurprisingly, the basket didn’t count and Bojic’s team lost in a blowout. But when you’re shooting 4-of-13, I guess we can understand trying a new approach. Thank God it was captured on video.

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