WATCH: Alexis Ren Dances In Bikini In Instagram Video

Since we last checked in with Alexis Ren, the 20-year-old model has been involved in a lot of drama. She broke up with her boyfriend Jay Alvarrez and proceeded to ether him on Twitter. It got pretty nasty, as Alexis pulled the number one savage breakup move by saying that Jay has a small penis.

But like the legendary slugger Mark McGwire said during his congressional hearing, “I’m not here to talk about the past.” I’m here to post this video of Alexis rocking an insane bikini and doing some booty shaking.

Mood when I get to be tan again 👸🏽

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What a breathtaking view. And I guess the trees and hills and all that other shit looked ok too. My only complaint about the video is that Alexis should switch from drinking wine out of a glass to drinking wine out of an empty soda can. The extra mobility would really allow her to take her dancing to a whole new level.

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