High School Football Player Commits To Duke With Superhero Video

The Courier-Journal

Tahj Rice is a four-star defensive end from Waggener High School in Louisville, Kentucky. He’s also apparently a huge fan of superheroes, as he announced which college he would attend in the most creative fashion that I’ve ever seen. Watch Rice choose Duke University after saving a damsel in distress.

T-Nasty to the rescue! I can’t even imagine the time, effort, and money that went into creating that video, but I guess it’s all worth it when you can create a viral buzz.

The hometown Louisville Cardinals can’t be pleased about how that video played out, though. It’s one thing to have some kid taunt you by removing a bunch of t-shirts or have a change of heart after flying a goddamn weather balloon into outer space. You can bounce back from those kinds of stunts. But getting blown into f*cking smithereens by lasers??? That’s the type of negative PR that can put your program into a tailspin that’s impossible to get out of.

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