Jay Williams Accidentally Makes Provocative Drawing During March Madness Show


Jay Williams was one helluva basketball player, winning the Naismith College Player of the Year (2002) and a National Championship as a member of the Duke Blue Devils (2001). He doesn’t seem to have a similar knack for drawing, though. During a March Madness-themed game of Pictionary, Williams was supposed to draw a Duke Blue Devil. He tried to draw noted jackass Grayson Allen tripping a player, but his illustration ended up looking much more inappropriate.

“What is an elite sex position?” And that is why live TV is the best. I don’t know why Williams just didn’t draw an actual devil, instead of trying to pull off a tricky drawing that he clearly wasn’t capable of. Homeboy launched a 30-footer when he could’ve had an easy layup.

Now I’m just wondering if this was a Freudian slip revealing why Jay and Charissa Thompson broke up. Was Jay a doggy style fiend, while Charissa was more into missionary? The world may never know.

Toby HastyCOED Writer
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